‘Here’s the Truth’: Crenshaw Explains How Dems’ Migration Bill ‘Fails to Address the Source’ of the Crisis

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is wrecking Democrats’ immigration bill as he says it “fails to address the source of the problem” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Congress member is explaining in a “Here’s the Truth” video, the reality of the Deferred Action for Childhood Action (DACA) bill laid out by congressional Democrats.

The H.R.6 bill, the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, was passed in the House on Tuesday with a 237-187 vote, with seven GOP lawmakers joining Democrats in favor.

However, as Crenshaw says, it’s “far more expansive than many Americans realize, AND fails to address the source of the problem: hundred of thousands of migrants crossing our border illegally.”

In the video posted on Wednesday, the Republican lawmaker breaks down what the bill would do and why he wouldn’t vote in support of it.

“You can’t keep bailing out a boat and not fix the leak in the boat,” Crenshaw said, drawing a comparison to the bill’s apparent failure to “not fix the source of the problem.”

The “issue” of the bill would take away standards such as “no age limit” for DACA recipients, as Crenshaw pointed out. He added that it’s “pure amnesty,” as it would qualify migrants who have a criminal history, as well as those who have firearm offenses, multiple DUI’s, or a gang history.

See Crenshaw’s comments below:

As IJR Red previously noted, the H.R.6 wasn’t met with a warm embrace from some, as House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) also knocked down the bill.

On Tuesday, he laid out the “worst aspects” of the bill: gives millions of illegal migrants amnesty, has a hefty price tag of $34.6 billion, gives $0 for border security, provides criminals a pathway to citizenship, and provides illegal immigrants a path that isn’t available to legal immigrants.

Labeling it a “bad bill,” Scalise said, “Hopefully this would never get to the president’s desk because it’s not the way to solve our problems with immigration. We’ve got a crisis at the border.”

While the migration bill passed in the Democrat-led House, it’s not likely to be voted on in the Republican-controlled Senate. Additionally, the White House said in a statement on Monday they’d advise the president to veto the bill if it made it to his desk.

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Call, fax, email as often as you can to your state’s US Senator and let them know you oppose HR 6. This bill isn’t the answer to our immigration problems. There is no way people who have broken our laws to come to our country should be rewarded with a way to become citizens when there are millions waiting and doing it the legal way. If they want to become citizens, let them go back to their home country, and apply just like all the others that do it legally. I don’t care if they jumped the border, over-stayed their… Read more »

Cap'n HappyFeet
Cap'n HappyFeet

The leftists have really shown their hand here. I only hope that voters recognize their desire to turn our country into a bannanna republic come 2020. The large dependent class they wish to create will cement their grip on power, while real Americans are stuck living in the destruction, and paying the bills.with their hard work. The leftists plans are truly evil.


Chosen blindness to reality is apparently now Congressional stock in trade. A blatant invasion is underway. Pancho Villa would be amazed at American lack of will these days.

Big Bawls
Big Bawls

I really like this guy. Seems quite intelligent. I would vote for him in 2020 since Trey Goudy in not running.






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