Crenshaw Flattens Ocasio-Cortez for ‘Total Disregard for Our Sovereignty’ With Controversial Comparison

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is questioning Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) motives after she sparked backlash following her comparison of border detention facilities to concentration camps.

“The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are,” Ocasio-Cortez said late Monday during an Instagram Live video, as IJR Red reported. “[…] A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist, and it’s very difficult to say that.”

Her remarks come at a time when the Trump administration plans to house undocumented migrant children at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, which was a Japanese American internment camp that was turned into a military base — the same base once used by the Obama administration for the same purpose.

Watch her full comments below:

Crenshaw — who previously told IJR that it all boils down to understanding “sovereignty” when it comes to fixing U.S. immigration laws — blasted Ocasio-Cortez for having “total disregard for our sovereignty & a deep ignorance that belittles the horrors of the Holocaust.”

Crenshaw also responded to Ocasio-Cortez after she defined concentration camps as “the mass detention of civilians without trial”:

Clearly I need to explain that, in concentration camps, people are unjustly sought out and confined. This isn’t what is happening at the border. Migrants are illegally crossing our border. Most are asylum seekers, thus pending trial, so your expert definition doesn’t apply.

The “concentration camps” comment is only the latest comment Ocasio-Cortez made in seemingly comparing an issue to Nazi Germany, as she previously compared climate change plans to Nazi Germany.

As for the southern border, Crenshaw pressed Ocasio-Cortez to “do something” about the crisis at the border by helping to secure a large sum for humanitarian aid, which echoes other Republican lawmakers who called her out for “not lifting a finger to solve the problem.”

As IJR Red noted, the chief Border Patrol agent of the El Paso sector, Aaron Hull, recently warned that every day that the “ever-increasing flow” of migrants at the U.S. southern border continues, “every day our border security threats increase.”


  1. So we have so many immigrants coming in we have no place to put them. We are opening up camps previously used during wartime to contain people. So we can’t do right by keeping them out of the country and we can’t do right by letting them in and detaining them so they can be processed through the system. Is the system flawed? Yes. But if you have no viable solution then why are you complaining? We have enough complainers. But we cannot let people in without knowing who they are and what they’re intentions are as well as a way of tracking them. We are citizens and we have procedures to go through when we enter the country either by birth or by relocation. This is true in all countries. There is so much money in the personal bank accounts of these politicians. Still, how many of them sacrifice their luxury vacations, homes and cars to give to these causes they claim they support? Put your money where your mouth is. BTW, if you’re a professional politician please don’t go on social media bedroom rants in your pjs, it doesn’t help your image or make people trust you more when you look like a high school student with a limited vocabulary.

  2. There is no doubt that Japanese People in the USA were put in interment camps in the last century. Black and Latins have also been put in jails without having respected their rights to legal protection. Is it that difficult for you to understand that you may have prejudices but it does not make the position of these immigrants illegal because you are afraid of them. One must step into the USA to request protection. The USA sent military forces to many of these countries……… there is a lot more to the stories of why these people are coming to our border.

    1. I cant even understand what you are trying to say? Are you for an illegal invasion or are you against it?

  3. This anti-American commie socialist is beyond

  4. She is such an idiot. An embassment to women and New York and I’m both! Wow is me

  5. Cortez opens her mouth and crap comes out. How did she get elected? Oh, I know, she’s a woman and a minority. A brave new world where people are elected by gender and ethnicity, no qualifications, no brains required.

  6. I think that occasional-cortex is an idiot and anyone who takes what she says seriously has a problem and any “news” outlet that publishes any of her utterances is shirking its duty.

  7. From Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary – “concentration camp n (1901) : a camp where persons (as prisoners of war, political prisoners, or refugees) are detained or confined”. You can draw your own biased conclusions about the definition, but they are still concentration camps.

  8. The U.S has had Concentration Camps before, call history, ruined many people livelihood.

    Succumbing to bad advice and popular opinion, President Roosevelt signed an executive order in February 1942 ordering the RELOCATION of all Americans of Japanese ancestry to CONCENTRATION CAMPS in the interior of the United States.

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Look at pictures of Auschwitz. They are nothing like the internment camps in America. We didn’t shoot people in trenches, gas people in showers, incinerate bodies in ovens by the millions. You are a liar and a fool.

  9. She is the Kings Fool, or Court Jester from the Obatshit era, and funny how no one(or very few) are signing on to be her Laugh track, as a would be Scientist, you sucked, as a bartender, you sucked, as a casting call to our Congress, you guessed it, you suck ! So we now know what your BEST AT !

  10. I’m beginning to wonder what her motivation is in making such incendiary comments. Is it to stay in the news? Is she a paid troll of George Soros? Or is she just plain stupid and out of control? In any case, she should be censured. Every democrat running for POTUS should be grilled about their agreement with her.

    1. even BAD publicity is still *publicity*

  11. “A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist, and it’s very difficult to say that.” When is it difficult for AOC to say anything disparaging about our President? Unless she meant forming the thought and speaking clearly. Are there no other people working in Washington other than this freshman Congresswoman? Why are we barraged daily with her comments? Who’s the Gestapo here- Border Patrol, ICE? Last I checked they are swimming rivers and climbing fences to get IN! Does she know what a concentration camp is? Please, please leave AOC and her comments out of the news. The whole nation would be better off.

  12. She is such an idiot! She needs to go back and read history and find out what a real concentration camps were like. She should talk with some survivors. How in the world she was ever elected to office is beyond me. She is a disgrace to the political system and those who voted for her should be ashamed.

    1. I agree with you. I heard she was interviewed by a group to get this gig. What were the requirements? An ability to say provocative things and not be afraid to be ridiculed afterward? Who tells her to say the stupid things she does? My sister defends and says “she’s trying”. Create a helpful bill, don’t just flap your lips.

    2. She was elected because of her gender and ethnicity, not qualifications. She had a big mouth and spoke against Trump and for impeachment, despite her denials. Like the Obamanation and almost the Hillarrhoid, this is what happens when gender and ethnicity are the main factors and attributes of a candidate’s campaign.

    1. Why is the media focused on her every word. I hold them responsible.

  13. The Trump administration created this huge problem and now Trump does not know how to fix it.
    This is what happens when the wrong leader is elected. He is unfit to be President because his skils are based on fear, insulting, bullying, criticizing, blaming others and lying. It’s difficult for a toxic brain like his to have good solutions to big problems. A President and his cabinet are supposed to plan, strategize toward a goal with good faith.
    They started really bad by separating children from their parents, placing the children around with no logistics and now they don’t event know where the children are. This administration is led by a very bad man, Lucifer.

    1. I wanted to simply say your an idiot. But that would be rude. So I’ll just leave out at wow.. Read and watch other news sources adore from liberal left wing crap!

    2. Have you been in a coma for the last thirty years? Gads, stop posting until you can get a grip on reality! Trump-caused problem? Uh, no.

    3. Congress created this huge problem by not initiating immigration reform, not 8 years with Obama and not for the last two with Trump. Congress is over immigration policy, not the President. If Trump was solving the problem the wall would be up and ICE would have control of the situation and this discussion would be deprived of practical significance.

    4. Who’s insulting, bullying, criticizing, blaming others and lying? Sounds like the media. I think they’re doing the best they can at the borders. Are you saying that all those border guards are evil and have planned the situation. Congress needs to take on the solutions to the situation. I would hate to be working on the border with all those people coming in. Why don’t those people stay in their own country and get together to help change it.

  14. I question the electoral that got this idiot elected.

  15. The comparison to holding illegal immigrants to Jewish prisoners in the Holocaust demonstrates her complete ignorance of history and the meaning behind “Never Again”. She is a joke and gets far to much attention. Narcissistic overload. Law is law, and Democrats have no problem with foreign countries protecting their borders…difference here in the U.S. is they want more future voters to promise wealth distribution and free services, something they won’t even offer to our veterans and homeless.

  16. I think she is trying to build up the amount of people in USA. After all she wants socialism. So when she spouts
    Out Land of the free, socialism is not FREE.

  17. 1. she has no clue on anything. 2. she is not who she claims to be, she is a graduate in economics that obviously couldn’t cut the mustard because she ended up as a bartender, whose bother saw an ad for auditions for the role of a candidate to run on a socialist platform disquised as a democrat platform run by two extremely socialistic/marxist to get a foot hold in the US Congress. Luckily, if the recent poles are correct within her district, she will soon be a one hit wonder, or more accurately, a one term flob.

  18. She is either low IQ or she is trying to cause trouble and attack the US from with in.

  19. So….Socialist Bobblehead Barbie, what do YOU recommend as actions? Crickets chirp.

    AOC and the Left have an understandable affinity with the Nazis. They were, after all, socialists. She’d know that if she had a real education.

    1. And also like the Nazis, she seems to have a great disdain for those with wealth, one of the big reasons why the Jews were often envied and hated. The Nazis and their supporters were big on stealing from them by force.

    2. If you read the right information, the biggest socialists in this country are corporations who receive large sums of subsidies. People get angry because the poor receive food stamps. Well, let me tell you the biggest welfare queens are corporations.

  20. “[…] A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist, and it’s very difficult to say that.”

    So she’s calling Obozo a fascist? (let’s NEVER forget the children confined in cages)

    I agree.

  21. Crenshaw is absolutely correct. AOC and her band of useless taxpayer parasites in D.C. have done NOTHING; absolutely NOTHING to help this President control the Southern border; to stem the flow of the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS coming into our sovereign Nation. ALL the problems at the Southern border – according to the Socialists – began with Trump’s election; BUT deliberately refuse to remember the problems really began under #44 who did NOTHING except encourage the expansion of the Left’s base with ILLEGAL ALIEN voters.

    AOC and her Commie comrades need to do some research and learn the truth.

    1. “… AOC and her Commie comrades need to do some research and learn the truth…” AOC and the Left in general have no interest in facts or what is typically known as “Truth”. The Left wants control of not merely the Government by Industry, Finance and especially the personal lives of Americans. Should they succeed, the 2nd Amendment disappears followed then by the 1st. THEN all Americans will have a first hand experience of Fascism. Just watch what happens to ANYONE that dare criticize the Government then! Now, we can use the term NAZI and also the name CONCENTRATION CAMP.

    2. As I mentioned above, Trump created this problem and now, he does not know how to fixt it. Separating children from their parents is immoral. Immigrants are people. If you are not American Indian, you are an immigrant. They are not animals as he calls them. He is a bad man.

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