Crenshaw Hits Dems for Using ‘Dishonest’ Pre-Existing Conditions Bill to Bash Republicans Voting Against It

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Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) called out Democrats for the dubious naming of the “Protecting Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Act of 2019.”

The congressman claimed that the legislation actually has nothing to do with protecting the health insurance access of Americans with pre-existing conditions, but was given the name just to harm Republicans who vote against the legislation.

In a video posted to Twitter Friday morning, Crenshaw explained that the legislation actually limits the states’ abilities to innovate and find other ways to provide coverage to those with preexisting conditions without everyone else’s premiums.


Crenshaw explained that several states, including Maryland, Oregon, and Maine, have used 1332 waivers that allow them to try their own solutions for providing coverage for those with preexisting conditions. The congressman pointed to reinsurance programs which are high-risk coverage pools that are subsidized by the government. They allow all patients to receive affordable coverage without raising the premiums on the rest of the insurance market.

Democrats claim this is discrimination. Their new legislation would get rid of 1332 innovation waivers and force those with preexisting conditions back into the exchange, raising the rates for everyone else.

Republicans are against outlawing innovation in health care and many plan to vote against the Democrats’ bill.

Some Democrats are using the name of the legislation to slam Republicans, claiming they want to end protections for those with preexisting conditions.

Crenshaw claimed that Democrats were using the legislation’s title to mislead the American people and are only using the vote as a club to bash Republicans.

“Why is this bill called the ‘Protecting Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Act? Because this is the height of cynicism. This is the height of political cynicism. Democrats are trying to get people to think that we, as Republicans, are voting against this because they’re trying to get people to think that we’re against protection for preexisting conditions. That’s not true at all. We’re against bad policy.”

Crenshaw is not the first to point out the misleading efforts by Democrats on preexisting conditions. As IJR previously reported, several House Republicans mocked the legislation by coming up with new names for the program.

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I don’t much like Rep. Crenshaw’s idea either. “reinsurance programs which are high-risk coverage pools that are subsidized by the government.” Where does he think that this “subsidized by the government” part is going to come from. My taxes! I am still footing the bill for people with pre-existing conditions.


Who is to be believed? Crenshaw or a Dombocrat?





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