Crenshaw Levels Dianne Feinstein After She Makes an Irrelevant ‘Fact Check’ About the Border Wall

Dan Crenshaw/Facebook Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) tried to make the case against funding the border wall by issuing a sarcastic fact check, but she was quickly hit with a fact check of her own by Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas).

The United States is 22 days into the partial government shutdown, which is a new record for U.S. shutdowns. The main disagreement between the White House and Democrats is funding for border security, specifically funding for a wall.

Democrats have been peddling two reasons they oppose the wall: it’s expensive and it’s ineffective.

As IJR previously reported, Crenshaw has already picked apart the claim that the wall is too expensive after he noted that the requested five billion is only 0.01 percent of the federal budget.

On Saturday, Feinstein took to Twitter to make a point about the wall being ineffective, prompting Crenshaw to step in and straighten out her talking points.

Feinstein explained that a large portion of illegal immigrants in the U.S. entered the country legally, but then broke the law and stayed in the country on expired papers and a wall canty stop that from happening.

Crenshaw quickly issued a “fact check” of his own, reminding Feinstein that no one is claiming the wall will solve all immigration violations in the U.S.

As Crenshaw pointed out, Republicans have spent very little time focusing on the number of illegal immigrants entering the country and much more time talking about the drugs and crime associated with illegal border crossings.

During his national broadcast on immigration, President Donald Trump described the situation at the border as a “crisis of the heart” and called on Congress to fulfill their “sacred duty” to protect the American people. His speech was all about protecting American citizens.

Several people joined Crenshaw in calling out Feinstein for making an irrelevant point and also asked her to start coming up with a solution for overstayed visas since she is suddenly concerned about the issue.

It isn’t clear when the government will reopen. Both sides seem to be unwilling to concede their current positions. President Trump told reporters he would keep the government shutdown for “years” if it means he would get the five billion for the wall. Speaker Nancy Pelosi started the negotiations with an offer of one dollar, and there hasn’t been much progress since.

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Kerry Chrismer

Phyllis Softa It is a point of entry that is the easiest for us to control. So if wall is built, we can better focus on the other avenues of entry. IMO


So DiFi is arguing for more money and personnel for ICE to catch those violating their visas.

Phyllis Softa

So if it is a given that the wall won’t address the visa overstays, won’t address the migrants smuggled via truck thru US portal entries, won’t address the majority of drugs smuggled via autos thru US ports of entry & via air & sea, explain the logic that a wall will make us all safe?





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