Crenshaw Breaks It to Omar: ‘Can’t Lay the Blame on Anybody Else’ for Controversies Caused by ‘Her Words’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) doesn’t regret calling out fellow freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for her controversial comments on the 9/11 terrorist attacks and believes any backlash she has faced since was the result of “her words.”

Speaking with CBS News in an interview that aired Monday morning, Crenshaw refuted the argument that he took Omar’s remarks on 9/11 out of context:

“The broader point that she was making is perfectly fine. The broader point that she was making was that the organization CAIR defends civil liberties and that there was concern about civil liberties post-9/11. That doesn’t change the fact that you refer to 9/11 in a dismissive way, both in tone and in gesture, and in words, as some people did something.”

As IJR Red reported, Omar stirred controversy after a clip of her referring to the terrorist attacks as “some people did something” went viral. Among those to call her out was Crenshaw, whom she later blamed for inciting threats against her.

Watch the moment below:

Although he fired back at the accusation at the time, Crenshaw doubled down to CBS News and broke it to Omar that the backlash she’s received can’t be blamed on “anybody else” but her.

“All that I said is that it’s unbelievable that someone would refer to it that way, and I stand by that wholeheartedly,” Crenshaw said. “[…] It is not anybody else’s words that cause these things. It is her words. And you can’t lay that blame on anybody else.”

Watch his interview below:

Omar’s apparent downplaying of the 9/11 attacks is just one example of her controversial remarks causing a stir. As IJR Red reported, she has come under fire for comments that many took as anti-Semitic and recently took heat for criticizing U.S. troops in “Black Hawk Down.”

The freshman representative also caught the ire of conservatives when she suggested last week that the United States “helped lead the devastation” in Venezuela. As IJR Red noted, Crenshaw was among those to put her on blast for that comment as well.


  1. Crenshaw is right, you can imply a lot in the way you say things and Omar isn’t fooling anyone. I like that we have a political system where people such as Omar are free to share their true opinions but there is also common decency. Any American who was here when the horrific events of September 11th occurred, will always remember the pain we were in as a nation so it is a very sensitive topic for all. Omar needs more political experience and humility before making comments on major issues.

    1. Oh, my bad. So you are confused about Omar. You can still fix that.

    2. Omar is a Muslim from Somalia. I used to say that she should be shipped back to Somalia but I have changed my stance. She should be tried for treason followed by a first class hanging.

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