‘Who Could Have Predicted This?’: Crenshaw Responds to Sanders’ Campaign Cutting Hours After Raising Wages

Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) mocked the “poetic justice” of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) campaign being forced to make staffing changes after raising their minimum hourly wage.

As IJR previously reported, Sanders’ campaign has been in turmoil over wage disputes within his campaign’s workers union. The self-described democratic socialist vowed to pay his campaign staff the equivalent of a $15 minimum hourly wage. However, given the grueling hours that many campaign workers must put in, many salaried employees were working well over 40 hours per week, making their hourly wage below $15.

In response to the chaos coming from his unionized campaign, Sanders made the decision to put a cap on the number of hours an employee can work during a given week.

Crenshaw — who has been railing against House Democrats for voting to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour — called it “poetic justice” that Sanders’ campaign is having to cut hours for their staff in order to maintain the $15 minimum.

During an interview with “Fox and Friends” on Monday morning, Crenshaw outlined the irony of Sanders’ position.

Watch Crenshaw’s comments:

“You’ve got to laugh at this a little bit. I mean, when this kind of poetic justice where this ill-conceived policy gets manifested right before your very eyes. And I wonder who could have predicted this? Well, anybody with an economics degree would have predicted this. So it doesn’t help the people you’re trying to help. In some cases, it hurts them because, remember, a lot of these people that are at minimum wage are adding to their household income. And if they’re priced out of the labor market, they can no longer add that income to their household. So a household that was not in poverty could potentially be in poverty and they studied this at the CBO [Congressional Budget Office], as well. It’s really, really bad policy overall.”

As Crenshaw noted, the nonpartisan CBO found that a $15 minimum wage could cost millions of jobs and decrease the annual family income of minimum wage earners.

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Robert Wayne

Bernie doesnt care as long as he is getting publicity. He is in this just to get enough leverage in numbers of followers to be bought out again. Remember the last cycle , he ended up with a 600k house and no telling what all financial incentives to gracefully bow out. Not even a peep when the DNC cheating scandal broke.
He has figured out how to profit off these so called presidential bids.


Min wage goes up so does everything else. Where does anyone get a head ? Makes no sense

Min wage 7 bucks. Loaf of bread 1 buck. min wage 15 bucks loaf of bread 3 bucks ?


Most of the $15 an hour jobs are entry level positions, like flipping burgers. Those positions are not meant to be a lifelong career. A lifer at $15 an hour needs to train for a better job.


Unfortunately, his campaign workers are not smart enough to see they are being had by a great con artist, well…maybe not great.


It is a good thing when reality bites ol’ Bernie in the butt. We need to get rid of Bernie anyhow. I’m not worried about him financially, he has two properties he can liquidate to get him by unless he spends his personal funds the way he spends the taxpayer’s dollar.

Linda K

This is the decision that small business owners make all the time. You can have more workers work for less or let some go and pay $15. Problem is that those that get let go may not get another job.


Let’s see, work 60 hours a week for $30k/yr, or work 40 hours a week for $30k/year at the exact same job. That’s a tough choice.

Sometimes cutting hours isn’t a bad thing.


Will the union be requiring Bernie to hire more workers at $15/hr if the work is not completed for the campaign? And IF Bernie’s group of employees were salaried, why didn’t he present them with an annual salary instead of them being unionized at an hourly rate? Doesn’t appear the union is worth its’ salt if it’s not standing up for its’ members while at the same time, collecting union dues (for what?). I have worked a number of salaried positions for an exact annual dollar amount; but with no limitation on the number hours I needed to work. A… Read more »

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