Crenshaw Slams American Fencer for Claiming Kneeling During the Anthem Is a ‘Sacrifice’: ‘Delusional’

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is letting loose on an American fencer for believing kneeling during the U.S. national anthem is a “sacrifice.”

While representing Team USA at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, Olympian and three-time Pan American champion Race Imboden decided to kneel to protest “the multiple shortcomings of the country.”

Imboden noted on Friday that “racism, gun control, mistreatment of immigrants, and a president who spreads hate are at the top of a long list” of things he says must “change” in the U.S.

“I chose to sacrifie [sic] my moment today at the top of the podium to call attention to issues that I believe need to be addressed. I encourage others to please use your platforms for empowerment and change.”

Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL, taught Imboden that “if you think this is ‘sacrifice,’ you are delusional.”

The Republican lawmaker laid into the American fencer for “haphazardly [denouncing] the entirety of our country because of its imperfections.”

“You and your fellow athletes have only succeeded in politicizing one of the few things that still unite us: sports,” Crenshaw added.

In response to Imboden’s move, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Vice President of Communications Mark Jones said:

“Every athlete competing at the 2019 Pan American Games commits to terms of eligibility, including to refrain from demonstrations that are political in nature. In this case, Race didn’t adhere to the commitment he made to the organizing committee and the USOPC. We respect his rights to express his viewpoints, but we are disappointed that he chose not to honor his commitment. Our leadership are reviewing what consequences may result.”

During the weekend’s Pan Am Games, U.S. hammer thrower Gwen Berry also protested the national anthem by raising her fist at the end of it.

The Team USA players’ protest isn’t the only time a sports player has used the national anthem to take a stance on an issue.

Former National Football League 49ers player Colin Kaepernick has also caught attention while kneeling in protest of police brutality and racial inequality.

Kaepernick kicked off his protests during the 2016 season and has since sparked outrage for his appearance in a “sacrificing everything” Nike ad and reportedly causing Nike to pull a pair of shoes with the Betsy Ross flag on them.

President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of the kneeling during the anthem as he previously knocked NFL players for doing so, telling them: “Find another way to protest. Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!”

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If your on the US team act like it.
You hot and cold water, toilets that flush, yet you insist on acting like you are from a 3rd world country, that can’t even wipe ass correctly

Allen Zabel

Using the podium, for “Empowerment and change?”
Empowering the socialists while requiring a change of diapers.
As a Vietnam vet, who actually bled during battle, I am appalled.
How about you sacrifice something more substantial?
Like 1/2 of your small intestines and your ability to sleep soundly, EVERY night.
Just another one of Dr. Spock’s little spoiled brats.
Who never had an a$$ warming.


It is because of men and women like Rep Crenshaw that that person is able to do what he did. Just what does he think is the “sacrifice”? Maybe it is that he will be thought of as an idiot for the rest of his professional career.
Why are these people appearing on U.S. sports teams?



Thanks for ASSUMING I would blame the Dimocrats. Are you projecting?

No. Our system of gummint was designed to be slow and retarded. q.v. checks and balances. But when critical issues occur things must still be done.

Did you know the Revolutionary War almost didn’t happen?

If Trump were King, as a certain know-nothing idiot insists, do you think the wall would not be built, the Mueller conspirators beheaded, and dissenters not rounded up? Good thing we have a Constitutional Republic.

william jackson

pathetic pukes—-don’t like America stay in Peru—-jerks!
what’s with the blue lips—-probably a smurf in disguise

Patty Dougherty
Patty Dougherty

Bunch of idiots that can’t tie their own shoes. Everything has been handed to them for doing what, playing and getting recognition at being good at it!!!! They have freedom!!! Kick them off and let them get a regular job like the rest of us!!


To insult the United States is sign enough that the individual involved is a rat, especially if done overseas.
This rat should be a man without a country and let his parents visit him overseas if mom and dad are still willing to call him their offspring. My dad would have disowned me after risking his life fighting communists.
Pussy Wimpoctats will see me as weak because I would not stand up to my patriotic parents and I am the one who should be ashamed.
I am NOT ashamed of kith, kin or country.


Screwtape – I wouldn’t say Congress is getting much done at all and thats not because of summer break. Before you blame that inaction on Demcrats – yeah, thats politics. The whole point is to be able to work with those who disagree to come to a solution.

That’s not getting done.

So again… just a lot of commenting on things that shouldn’t even merit an amateur news blog article for the soul purpose of riling base and, as you said, growing campaign funds.





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