Crenshaw Slams Democrats’ ‘Dishonest Politics’ With Threat to Hold Barr in Contempt: ‘Really?’

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With a deadline for Attorney General William Barr to hand over the special counsel’s full report or be held in contempt, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is blasting congressional Democrats’ “dishonest” plan.

House Democrats are expected to vote next week to hold Barr in contempt after he refused to hand over the special counsel’s full, unredacted report, as IJR News reported.

Additionally, Barr faces another possible contempt vote as the House Oversight and Reform Committee chairman Elijah Cummings is requesting that Barr hand over documents on a 2020 census citizenship question, giving him and the Commerce Secretary until Thursday to do so or else they’d hold a contempt of Congress vote.

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The Democrats’ threat to hold Barr in contempt for not handing over Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report on the Russia investigation is drawing criticism from a Republican congress member.

“We’re really doing this?” Crenshaw questioned his Democratic colleagues’ motives. “We’re all supposed to just ignore the fact that Barr is bound by federal law to protect grand jury information?”

The Texas Republican slammed them for “pretending” to think there is “some bombshell hidden” in Mueller’s report.

“This is dishonest politics meant to discredit Barr,” Crenshaw said.

As IJR Red previously reported, House Judiciary Committee witnesses admitted that Barr would’ve broken federal law if he handed over the unredacted documents.

Roughly a month and a half after Mueller’s final redacted report was publicly released, tensions have increased between the two parties in Congress, and most recently, stirred more calls from Democrats for President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

However, as Mueller didn’t charge the president on collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia but also didn’t fully exonerate him on obstruction of justice, the attorney general recently said that Mueller “could’ve reached a decision” on obstruction if he wanted to, as IJR News reported.

“The opinion says you cannot indict a president while he is in office, but he could’ve reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity,” Barr previously said. “But he had his reasons for not doing it, which he explained and I am not going to, you know, argue about those reasons.”

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Going after Barr is yet another desperate move by a group of losers who fear a re-election of President Trump and they can find no remedy. The Doomocrat Party is falling to pieces like Humpty Dumpty.


Desperate Dumbocrats are so pathetic that they will resort to any means necessary to get their way. Our nation has reached a new low. This should frighten every American no matter their political bent.





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