Crenshaw Swipes Back at Dem Rep for Calling Him ‘Racist’ for Not Wanting Illegal Migrants to Vote

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is knocking a Democratic colleague for using “smear tactics” rather than “articulating a policy position.”

Earlier this month, Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) called Crenshaw “a racist” for not wanting to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the U.S. elections.

Instead of condemning controversial Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) previous anti-Semitic remarks — though calling them “horribly inappropriate” — Casten turned a conversation to blasting Crenshaw.

Calling Crenshaw “the Navy SEAL with the eyepatch,” Casten explained how he believes the Republican lawmaker is “a racist” because he introduced an amendment so those who aren’t U.S. citizens aren’t allowed to vote.

Crenshaw’s spokesperson told The Washington Free Beacon in response, “If Rep. Casten is so deeply offended that our laws prohibit non-citizens from voting in federal elections, then he should be honest with his constituents and let them know how little he values the power of their vote.”

See the Democratic lawmaker’s comments below:

Taking another swipe back at Casten, Crenshaw slammed him for “this desperate and immature strategy” that occurs “time after time from the Democrat Party.”

“The strategy is simple: when you disagree with someone during a policy debate, resort to calling your opponent a racist,” the Republican lawmaker continued in a statement.

“Rep. Casten, we’ve never met, we’ever never talked. I’ve never insulted you. But instead of articulating a policy position, you resort to petty name-calling, which is a good indication you can’t defend your argument with any sort of intellectual vigor. This is Congress – it’s our job to debate — but please leave you [sic] smear tactics at home next time.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, Crenshaw also called this instance “just another day in Washington with the Democrat Party.”

The Democratic lawmaker has made sharp remarks about Republicans in the past, as he previously claimed that President Donald Trump and al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden “have a tremendous amount in common,” according to the Beacon.

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Surprise, illegals aren’t supposed to vote. They aren’t supposed to own a gun. They don’t have the same rights as citizens, despite the fact that Democrats want them to. That’s why Democrats fought so hard to keep the citizenship question off the next Census. The Census is used to reapportion the House seats by population. So, the states, cities, districts that are ‘sanctuary’ states, cities, districts stand to gain more Reps/power in the House while reducing the number of Reps from red states. More attempts to control the U.S. by sneaky, underhanded means. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.


Have any of you US born citizens traveled to another country to cast your vote (illegally) for the election in that country..

Mark Schlesinger

Anyway. Look at their constituents. The lefties want illega? Immigrants and felons to vote.

Mark Schlesinger

Casten and the squad have a lot in common with HITLER and SATAN!


What part of illegal don’t they understand? How many countries let illegals vote in their elections? Also why is it when you don’t agree with the left you are racists? Everything isn’t about race. It’s about what is right and what is wrong. The way the left keeps bringing race up it is making it mean less and less.

Captain Snowflake

Unfortunately when a name has a “D” and “Illinois” behind their name they are more likely than not a complete idiot.

Now “complete idiot” is not a nice thing to say and I probably triggered 25 million people however look at the definitions for those words and well sometimes the truth hurts.

Al Mount

It’s mind boggling how STUPID the Democrats are.
How stupid they think the American People are is infuriating

William Conley

When an elected official says they think illegals should get to vote that should be immediate grounds for removal from office. With them also being barred from ever serving in any capacity as an official of the US government. It’s pretty damn clear that our laws our for our CITIZENS not for illegals or as they should be called Invaders. What would you call a massive group of people not from your country marching towards your border with no intention of obeying your laws? Some of them are armed and they carry the flag of their nation what exactly would… Read more »





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