Critics Poke Holes in Racially-Biased ‘No Fly, No Buy’ Gun Control Laws as More 2020 Dems Announce Support

Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have come out in support of “no fly, no buy” gun control policies, but some argue that the policy may be racially motivated.

As IJR reported earlier, Senator Elizabeth Warren was the first major 2020 candidate to float a reconsideration of “no fly, no buy” legislation. This policy would require gun buyers to run their name through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “No Fly List” before purchasing a firearm. The “No Fly List” is a list of terror suspects that are not allowed to board flights in the United States due to a calculated risk assumed by DHS.

Because no judge needs to approve the “No Fly List,” many believe that the policy breaches Americans’ right to due process, a point brought up by “Morning Joe” guest host Willie Geist during a Monday morning interview with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.).

During the interview Buttigieg (D-Ind.) announced support for the “No Fly, No Buy” policy, claiming that it could prevent people who are a “present threat” from accessing a weapon. Geist then asked him to justify the policy against the risks that someone was accidentally placed on the list.


Buttigieg: I mean look, the whole idea of our framework for gun safety is to make sure people who are a clear and present threat can’t get access to these weapons.

Geist: As you know, some people on that terror watch list are there for no good reason. Should they have their Second Amendment rights denied?

Buttigieg: As a former counterterrorism officer, I believe we need to tune-up the system. Look, we can improve the system and also make sure that, of all the problems with American safety, people who have been flagged as a terrorist threat not being able to get a gun in time because the flag may have been unfair is not the biggest problem we have in America.

While Buttigieg doesn’t appear to have a problem with individual rights potentially being put on hold, others have found a problem beyond the breach of due process. Many people on the “No Fly List” are from racial minority groups, meaning that a disproportionate percentage of non-white Americans could have gun access limited.

As Siraj Hashmi of the Washington Examiner explained, Muslim Americans, in particular, could have reduced access to weapons simply because they share a name with someone on the “No Fly List.”

So, while 2020 supporters of the “No Fly List” may not be afraid to tip-toe around the due process issue, they may have a more difficult time explaining why they support a policy that could limit the rights of certain groups, but not others.

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This is another stupid idea by the Ineptocrats. Anyone convicted of domestic violence or a felon who has served his/her time would not be permitted to purchase a gun and would most likely be placed on that “no fly” list without recourse. Also someone who argues with a TSA or ticket agent would be a threat to on board personnel. These people are using every hair-brained opportunity to disarm America – just like Hitler did – to regain CONTROL and POWER.





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