Crowd Responds to ‘Screamer’ in Most Patriotic Way When She Shows Up to Ruin ‘March 4 Trump’ Rally

They heard her before they saw her.

At a “March 4 Trump” gathering in Lake Oswego, Oregon, which borders Portland to the south, a young woman showed up to shout down the 200-400, or so, pro-Trump people who gathered to give the president an ‘atta boy.’

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One rally-goer told Independent Journal Review that there were about 1000 counter-protesters, far outnumbering the pro-Trump rally-goers, and they were mostly from Portland.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

The unidentified woman apparently used her ample voice to try to ruin the party, but then the rally-goers came up with a perfect reply:


They eventually joined in her screaming and the counter-protester wasn’t quite sure what to do with that. You can watch the video above.

KGW-TV reports that three protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer.

Thousands of people held pro-Trump rallies around the country on Saturday and counter-protesters met them in many places, including in Berkeley, California.

Rally-goers there were pepper sprayed by out of control counter-protesters.

It was also in Berkeley where a sign reading “Free Speech” was grabbed by protesters and set on fire.

There have been plenty of protests around the country by leftist protesters against Donald Trump, but it looks as if those protesters don’t think people who support him should have that right.

What do you think?

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