Cruz and Yang Warn Against Making Mass Shooters Famous After Violent Attacks: ‘Never Say Their Name’

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and 2020 Democrat Andrew Yang may not have much in common politically, but they do agree on ensuring that mass shooters do not gain fame from their violence.

Over the past several weeks, mass shootings have taken place in Dayton, Ohio, El Paso, Texas and, more recently, in Midland, Texas. The summer’s violence has left Americans yearning for a solution, but Republicans and Democrats have been at odds over what that solution could be.

Although there has been some common calls for Red Flag laws, Republicans and Democrats split when it comes to government intervention in gun ownership.

While the division is palpable, Yang and Cruz may have found one area where Republicans and Democrats can agree.

On Monday, Yang took to Twitter to propose that Americans — especially those in the media — refrain from using the names of mass shooters. The 2020 candidate argued that, while many people are curious about the shooter, the resulting fame could encourage more people to copy the crimes to gain notoriety.

Yang acknowledged that enforcing such a policy would be “difficult,” but hoped that it would become something Americans agreed to do.

“I know it would be difficult to implement and is contrary to human nature – but I think we ought to explore not publicizing the identities or motivations of mass shooters,” wrote Yang.

On Tuesday morning, Cruz took to Twitter to highlight Yang’s idea, noting that he agrees with the proposal.

Cruz urged public officials and the media to investigate the shooters thoroughly, but to “never say their name” to avoid the shooters becoming famous and inadvertently encourage more violence.

“These murders crave notoriety, but they deserve to be forgotten,” wrote Cruz. “Instead, we should celebrate the victims, the first responders, [and] the heroes.”

Yang and Cruz are far from the first people to suggest this course of action. The No Notoriety movement was founded by the parents of one of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.

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In other news, Chicago’s mayor Lightfoot, told Ted Cruz NOT to mention Chicago, citing that 60% of ILLEGAL firearms come from outside the city. Two questions to the “mayor” 1. What are YOU doing to keep ILLEGAL firearms away from criminals (who purchase illegal firearms), locking them up for serious time, or just doing “frisk and check”? Crickets chirp. 2. So, by your rules, anything you say NOT about Chicago are banned? I’m seeing some 1st amendment violations AND hypocrisy here. Here’s a thought: fix YOUR city so it’s not an example of failed law-enforcement, turnstile release of criminals, and… Read more »


To William,

1. I have no idea what you were talking about with “rubles”. I suspect neither did you.

2. 400M? A lowball estimate in my thinking. Imagine this: if every responsible gun owner shot just one person with each gun THAT would exceed the population of the US, including illegals. Good thing this isn’t happening.

3. Please untwist your panties.

4. With your talk of beheading you sound just like an Islamic terrorist. Hmmm.


It’s not the 400 million guns Americans own Ted? So, if we stop saying the shooters names that’ll stop the 120 fatal shootings that happen in America daily. For some reason the term pandering coward and BS artist comes to mind when your name is mentioned. The American people will sweep the heads off of you and the other GOP hissing serpents who have invaded our national institutions by voting your asses out of office. Con man…


Great idea. Anonymity is a deterrent. So is misinformation. Spread embarrassing lies about them. “The killer was found wearing a ….” “XXX’s Facebook page had links to My Little Pony Bros.”


The prize for “least inane Idea to come from the Dem 2020 field yet” goes to Mr Yang.





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