‘This Is Just Common Sense’: Cruz Challenges Democrats for Their Opposition to Census Citizenship Question

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called out his Democratic colleagues for their opposition to a census question on whether individuals living in the United States are citizens.

The citizenship question has been a point of drama for the Trump administration as they race against the clock to finalize the listing of questions in a manner that the Supreme Court will greenlight.

So far, they haven’t had much luck as the court ruled that the Trump administration’s argument to include the question was invalid. The president’s legal team can still put forward another argument, but their biggest hurdle is time, given that it takes months to print the census and the process was set to begin by the end of June.

The drama in the courts spilled into the national political discourse, as Democrats push for the question to stay off the census.

During an interview on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, Cruz questioned Democrats on their opposition to the citizenship question. He claimed the inclusion should be “common sense.”

Watch Cruz’s remarks:

“This is just common sense. The Constitution gives to the federal government the responsibility to do a census every 10 years. That census needs to be an accurate count. It needs to count the people who are in this country, and for virtually every census for over a century, it has included a question: ‘Are you a citizen or not?’ One of the problems as we are debating public policy, is that a lot is unknown. So for example, you see the figure that there are 11 to 12 million illegal aliens. You see that batted around quite a bit. The truth of the matter no one really knows whether that is 11 million or 12 million or 20 million, or a bigger number. So it is important that the census do an accurate count.”

Cruz added, “It is basic common sense that you ask about citizenship.”

He claimed that the legal aspect of the question is “straight forward” and noted that he hopes the Supreme Court will respond well to the changes in Trump’s legal team. It remains unclear how long the administration can wait to begin printing the census before it is too late for the question to be included.

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It’s a good thing that people always tell the truth isn’t it?


Well, Teddy, at least, no matter about your politics, you do look more grown-up with that grey beard. Keep it!


When immigrants arrived in years before, I.e. ‘30’s, 40’s, canvassers went door to door for census count. While I. High school in the 40’s I asked why? They told me why, and also added theresbeen saboteurs in our steelmills and oil fields and census wants to find out which countries they came from, Russia orGermany or wherever. Common sense would even ferret out if any agents from countries today come for ‘cell building’ recruits for terrorism. …. not just for federal allotments or voter counts.

Patti Harrison

To me, the census citizen question makes sense for a host of reasons, for one we need an accurate count of citizens of this country!


The Constitution, you know that piece of paper you hypocrites clam to strictly adhere to when it serves your evil purposes and treat as if it doesn’t exist when it doesn’t, as in this case, says otherwise.

An Act Of Congress with a 67% majority vote of both The House and Senate is required to change it.


The Dims oppose the question for at least two clear reasons: 1. Trump promotes it, despite the clear precedent set by over 160 years of inclusion on the census. 2. It erodes the Dim power base. The CBO and other agencies estimate that states like CA gained FIVE (5) Congressional seats based on including the # of illegals. The census and Enumeration Clause completely F this up by NOT counting illegals* vs. actual citizens. Hence the need for the question. *Yes, I believe that illegals should not count, receive any benefits, and that no hunting tags should be required for… Read more »


PULEEZE, Senator Cruz!! WHEN have the Democratic Party members EVER used “common sense”?

Are those crickets I’m hearing?

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