Cruz Lays out ‘Commonsense Ways’ to Secure the Southern Border: ‘It’s Heartless to Ignore’ the Crisis

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When it comes to working on a solution to the immigration crisis at the U.S-Mexico border, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has a few ideas in mind.

He’s echoing calls from his Republican colleagues for congressional Democrats to work together with Republicans to address the border situation. Border agents apprehended over 100,000 total migrants each month trying to cross illegally into the U.S. for four consecutive months and are on track to over double the number apprehended in the fiscal year 2018.

If the flow of migrants to the U.S. southern border continues, the Republican lawmaker noted “we’re looking at nearly 2 million apprehensions in a single year,” he wrote in a Fox News op-ed published on Saturday.

“In response to the massive numbers of illegal immigrants coming through the border, 60 percent of Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley are helping to process and care for family units,” Cruz wrote. “Only 40 percent of Border Patrol agents are now dedicated to border security, further exacerbating the problem.”

The Texas senator laid out ways that he believes will help address the “emergency” at the border, including the “El Chapo Act,” the “Wall Act,” and closing loopholes in the U.S. asylum laws.

“It’s irresponsible, it’s unjust, and it’s heartless to ignore this ongoing crisis,” Cruz said.

The “El Chapo Act”

Pointing to the “El Chapo Act,” Cruz notes that it would be beneficial to use convicted Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera’s funds to help construct the wall along the southern border.

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) also previously said it was “time to put [El Chapo’s] confiscated assets to work building a wall at the southern border with Mexico,” as IJR Red reported.

The “Wall Act”

Cruz said the “Wall Act,” which he co-sponsors, would “fully fund the border wall by closing loopholes that provide illegal immigrants with federal benefits and tax credits, without affecting the benefits and tax credits used by Americans.”

He called the two bills “commonsense ways to secure our border.”

Fixing U.S. asylum laws

Additionally, the Republican lawmaker called on Congress to fix loopholes in the immigration system by adding judges and expediting asylum claims.

Cruz isn’t the only Republican Congress member whose pushed for solutions on the border situation, as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) previously laid out a plan, which includes moving asylum claims outside of the U.S., adding judges, and extending the detention period for families. Another border-state representative, Dan. Crenshaw (R-Texas), told IJR previously that Graham’s proposal is “absolutely necessary.”

“Now more than ever, Democrats in Congress need to finally do their jobs and work with Republicans and President Trump to secure our border,” Cruz declared.

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Jeffrey Moore

We certainly need to prevent illegal aliens from getting any government benefits (paid for by our tax dollars), but we also need to require all employers to use e-Verify. Then we need to prosecute people who employ anyone not legally entitled to work here.

That would go a long way toward removing the incentive to come here.


James and Mary,

Yes. By all means use El Chapo’s billions to build the wall. The Dims are just outraged that it’s being spent on illegals BUT not in the way they want.

Dave Hardesty

The lip-speak sounds good but I still do not trust Cruz to be our president. Perhaps working with, instead of against Trump for four more years would sway my opinion of him.


The Democrats will lose the 2020 election over their negligence and refusal to help with this issue alone. All the polls showed that people from both parties wanted the citizen question on the census but those protecting illegal immigrants got it stopped through liberal judges. Most Americans want the border secured and Democrats want open borders. Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue.


I’m still in favor of using El Chapo’s drug money to finance the Wall from the Gulf to the Pacific with only “OUT” doors from our side; stating “NO ENTRANCE” on the Mexican side. We should also enlist the help of the Illegal Alien Invasion force to help build that Wall; providing they are working from the Mexican side.


Heartless or not, the border crisis must be solved. While some may overvalue human life (ironically many who support abortion), these are the wrong ones. The solutions I have suggested would be immediate, effective, and clearly communicate “Don’t trespass. Don’t even try.” We ARE at war with invaders who would plunder our generosity and contribute little if nothing. Clearly the political class includes not one of George Orwell’s “rough men”. To paraphase L.A Confidential, the solutions needed are fearsome and cruel. (from some perspectives) BTAIM Cruz is not wasting time by arguing with the Dims. Instead he’s working on solutions.… Read more »





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