Cruz Unloads on NYT After Leaked Report Shows They Allegedly Planned to Push Trump-Racism Narrative

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) unloaded on the New York Times after leaked meeting transcript allegedly shows editors discussing plans to tie President Donald Trump to racism.

Late last week, Slate published the transcript of a recorded meeting allegedly held by New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet where he addressed the staff about their political coverage.

Baquet acknowledged that the New York Times took the Mueller investigation from a story about “whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president’s character.”

Now that the Mueller report came up empty relating to a conspiracy between Trump and Russia, Baquet told his staff that they needed to take their coverage in another direction, this time focusing on Trump and racial issues in the United States.

He claimed that race “is going to be a huge part of the American story” and added that he hoped their 1619 Project — a series of reports looking at the impact of slavery in the U.S. — would “teach [New York Times] readers to think a little bit more like that.”

Cruz was outraged that the New York Times was planning to tie their coverage of Trump to race before they even know what will happen. He took to Twitter to call the outlet out.

Cruz even called out the Times for their recent scandal where they changed a headline, allegedly folding to pressure from anti-Trump critics, as IJR previously reported.

CNBC reporter John Harwood noted that the exact quote by Baquet wasn’t “racism, racism, racism,” in an attempt to discredit Cruz’s rant. The senator called out Harwood and encouraged him to read the transcript to verify Cruz’s summary.

Cruz highlighted that the editorial team noted several times that the 1619 Project was designed to change the mindset of readers.

Additionally, Cruz highlighted that Banquet specifically tied the racial narrative to future Trump coverage, especially surrounding immigration.

Cruz’s thread on the New York Times caught the attention of many, including President Trump, who tweeted his support for the senator’s outrage.

This is not the first time the Times has been criticized by Republicans. President Trump has gone out of his way to deem the outlet the “failing New York Times” and has claimed they have “zero credibility,” though subscriptions to the Times are reportedly at a record high.

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  1. They ALL, CNN, MSNBC and the likes, as well as these witless news papers, should be held accountable for the fairy tales they report!!!

  2. The left has nothing positive so division is their strategy for success.

  3. Any claims of “:racism” have lost all meaning It’s been used way too often. Once the Donkeys figure that out, they’ll go on to “white supremacy” or “your Momma wore combat boots” or some other such absurdity commensurate with their shoe size IQ level.

  4. New York Times is becoming one of the latest of known fish wrappers. they will stoop to anything for sales. I have stopped endorsing NYT sometime ago. It seems now that my concerns were not unwarranted.

  5. They actually know who are racists and that would be the whole of the demonrat/communist party. They will never tell you that because it would ruin a their lie.

      1. Join the discussion…It makes perfect sense. The only thing that makes no sense is why people still vote for your communist party. Only in the mind? of a liberal like you does this not make sense. I use the word “mind” knowing that liberals do not have any live brain cells.

  6. The New York Times: “All the news that’s fit for Shit.”

  7. Let ’em have it Cruz! I doubt it will do any good, but at least you will have spoken the truth!

  8. The New Yark Slimes doing what they have been doing best for Decades and Cruz is just figuring it our. Has he been snoozing all of this time? Never, and I seriously mean NEVER trust a journalist. They are actually worse and less trustworthy than Lawyers, Insurance companies and Used Car Salesmen.

  9. Th propaganda arm of the DNC/antifa treason machine is going strong…..

  10. The mainstream media started all of this BS. Not even hiding it anymore!! The people that believe Trump is a racist are themselves the racist.

    1. They really never hid it. They have been doing it for years. People just don’t pay attention and have an attention span akin to three-year-olds.

  11. You mean the NYT are pushing the Democrat lies? I’m shocked! Not. They’re no different than CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, MSN, Buzzfeed, CBS, Public broadcasting, etc. Liars all. Believe nothing they say.

  12. For over two years we’ve heard nothing but name calling from so called news services ( I use this lightly) toward the President and his supporters. I don’t believe they even know the definition of what racist really means.

    1. Racist – The term you use on someone you don’t like or agree with. It has no relationship to ethnicity.race.

      Comment – “Look at those clouds, it looks like we might get rain. ”
      Response – “You are a racist, they are Con-Trails and the government is secretly poisoning us. just like they did by fluoridating our water.”

  13. “for 2 yrs, we covered ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ facts be damned; now we’ll scream ‘racism, racism, racism’ for 18 mos, and the rest of the media follow us.”

    It’s nice to see the NYT admit it cares nothing for the truth and has not cared for years.

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