Cuban Grandma Lets Out 51 Years’ Worth of Pure Relief as Daughter Tells Her of Fidel Castro’s Death

The death of aging dictator Fidel Castro has been an emotional milestone for Cubans and Cuban Americans around the world.

Many have taken to the streets in places like Miami’s Little Havana, celebrating Castro’s passing, while many in Cuba are publicly mourning his death.

According to BuzzFeed News, one Florida teen told his 84-year-old grandmother of Castro’s “falling” as soon as he found out, and he filmed the whole conversation.

Flora Lorenzo’s family told AmericaTeVe that she left Cuba in 1965 with her family, and she hasn’t been back since.

Though Lorenzo now has Alzheimer’s disease and has trouble with her memory, when her daughter draped a Cuban flag over her shoulders and told her of Castro’s death, she knew exactly what she was talking about.

Her daughters says:

“Daughter: I have the best news in the world for you.

Lorenzo: What is this?

Daughter: It’s the flag…Fidel fell. He fell…The day is here.”

The 84 year old’s reaction speaks volumes about how Castro’s dictatorship and recent death affected her.

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