‘Nobody Right Now’ in Democratic Field Can Beat Trump: Mark Cuban Blasts ‘Politicians’ in Primary

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Star of NBC’s “Shark Tank” Mark Cuban blasted the 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates, proclaiming that none of the current choices in the race for the party’s nomination would defeat President Donald Trump in the general election.

During an interview on Tuesday with CNBC, Cuban — who owns the 2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks — was pressed on which of the 22 candidates who are competing for the Democratic nomination had the best shot at unseating Trump.

Cuban responded by saying that “nobody right now” could take the White House from Trump because “politicians are the least trusted of every profession” and that the primary candidate field is “all politicians.”

The Dallas Mavericks owner also stated that the president won in 2016 because he “wasn’t a politician.”

“I think what people are missing is if you look at why people voted for Donald Trump, in my opinion, it was because, first and foremost, it was because he wasn’t a politician. And look, if you look at the Democratic field, it’s all politicians, and politicians are the least trusted of every profession.”

Cuban also blasted the Democratic primary candidates’ “trickle-down taxation” proposals as non-legislatively viable “headline porn.”

He then gave his thoughts on former Vice President Joe Biden‘s candidacy for president, saying that he thinks the former vice president was “smart” and “could do a decent job.”

“But I think it’s still way too early to tell, and there’s a lot of change yet to come,” Cuban added.

The Dallas billionaire also stated that he was weighing the option of running as an independent candidate but that “it would take a perfect storm” for him to go through with it, citing what a presidential campaign would do to his three kids.

“The definition of bad parenting is running for president when you have three young kids, nine, 12, and 15,” Cuban said.

As IJR Red previously reported, Cuban did not rule out a 2020 run after teasing potentially running on the Republican ticket, stating that he would run “if circumstances were right.”

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If having young kids is a reason to not run for president, what about Bozo O’Rourke who has a couple kids; but had to suspend his campaign recently because the family’s pet turtle was lost. Maybe the turtle had enough of Bozo’s BS and saw an opportunity to escape.


Cuban doesn’t have a chance in a presidential election, but his take on the state of the Dembocratic field is spot on.






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