‘It’s Paid Off’: Top Immigration Official Praises Trump’s Immigration Policy as Apprehensions Drop

Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli is offering President Donald Trump praise for his “aggressiveness” in addressing illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump’s pressure on Mexico to step up their effort in helping curb the flow of migrants headed toward the U.S. southern border seems to have created a positive outcome, as apprehensions at the of those attempting to enter the U.S. has dropped in recent months.

After reaching a high number of over 100,000 apprehensions and inadmissibles per month for four consecutive months between March and June, border officials have seen as continued decrease to a total of 64,006 in the month of August — which is still up from 46,719 total in April of 2018 and 30,582 in April of 2017.

During Tuesday’s interview on “Fox & Friend,” Cuccinelli credited Trump for the drop in migrants traveling to the southern border and trying to cross into the country illegally.

Trump put pressure on Mexico, threatening them with tariffs if they wouldn’t help with tightening the border. Mexico then deployed security forces to their southern border and agreed to an asylum program, as IJR previously reported.

“The president has literally thrown every domestic and international effort he can at this,” Cuccinelli said, adding, “It’s paid off.”

While noting that the drop in apprehensions is “really a testament to the president’s aggressiveness” in “using every international and domestic tool we can to attack this problem,” the USCIS director made a point that Congress has a ways to go in helping to fix the U.S. immigration system.

Watch Cuccinelli’s interview below:

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrar, along with Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said on Friday that their country helped in curbing illegal immigration, so they don’t expect tariffs to be implemented, according to Reuters.

Additionally, Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that Mexico “has been doing a great job for us, and, frankly, we’re very appreciative, but we’ve also been very, pretty rapidly changing the regulations, the rules.”

Ebrar is expected to talk with U.S. officials on Tuesday on the matter.

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Let us know when apprehensions drop to ZERO. That will be news worth reporting.

THEN, commence with deportations until the last Illegal Alien Invader is out of the United States. That will be GREAT news worth reporting.





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