Cuomo on 35-Minute Kellyanne Conway Interview: ‘She Got the Time to Make the Case; That’s What CNN Does’

On Monday morning, in the immediate aftermath of the marathon that was the 35-minute Kellyanne Conway interview that opened the 8 a.m. ET hour of CNN’s “New Day,” the hosts then spent another 10 minutes analyzing the segment with their panel.

As a result, there was no commercial break that hour until the 45-minute, 27-second mark.

The postmortem opened with Cuomo joking with his co-host, Alisyn Camerota, about her being off the air for the past half hour-plus.

“You were awfully quiet,” he said.

“I went to work out,” she replied. “I don’t often have time to work out, but I just did.” Cuomo then got more serious and started directly addressing the interview.

“Hopefully a good conversation for you guys to hear,” he began. “It was actually not that unlike conversations we have off-camera. […] I think the headline — this won’t be the headline, but it should — is there’s no question that this has to be a dynamic of people trying to do it better. I don’t think this is sustainable … this hostility.”

Noting that he’s known Conway “for very long time,” Cuomo said that “this idea that the media, if they’re doing things that are critical of the president, is ‘bad,’ that’s bad! That is dangerous, and it’s not helpful to the president.

“And I think that you gotta be fair to the president, the president has to be fair to you,” he added. “Both of them may sometimes fall short, but it’s gotta change.”

Later, after talking over the Conway interview with what Camerota called “our balanced panel,” Cuomo continued along the same lines as what he was saying earlier.

“Nobody would give Kellyanne Conway the amount of time that we just did,” he said. “We didn’t have to. She didn’t hijack the show.

“We had plenty of other things that we were prepared and produced to do on the show,” he continued. “We gave her the time because we care about the conversation. And I know a lot of people on the left don’t want Kellyanne Conway to have that kind of time. ‘Oh, don’t give a voice to her.’ But that’s what we do!”

He closed by saying this was all “proof” of CNN’s commitment to fair reporting: “She got the time to make the case; that’s what CNN does.”

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