Chris Cuomo Calls Out Those Who ‘Demonize’ Border Patrol After 7-Year-Old’s Death: ‘They’re Not Storm Troopers’

CNN host Chris Cuomo isn’t usually the first one to condemn over-exaggeration from those opposed to President Donald Trump, but he spoke out against those blaming United States Custom and Border Patrol for the death of a seven-year-old.

When the reports broke that seven-year-old Jakelin Caal had died after being detained by border patrol, several prominent Democrats jumped to call out the border patrol agents for the girl’s tragic death.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon to trash the border patrol agents, Cuomo went through the details of the horrific death and explained that the fault doesn’t lie at the feet of those agents.

“Jakelin and her father were not abused, at least not by the men and women working for the U.S.,” explained Cuomo.

Cuomo instead pointed the finger at those who organized the caravan, feeding families full lies about the process of entering the United States and profiting off their dangerous journey north. As IJR previously reported, these caravan organizers charge as much as $7,000 per person, making the latest caravan a $2.5 billion venture.

“They need to be called out and investigated,” said Cuomo. “They’re making false promises of an ease of entry that leads people with misconceptions into bad situations.”

Cuomo went onto explain the difficult situation for Jakelin, her father, and the border patrol agents who found her.


The father and daughter were stopped at the border, hours away from a facility along with 163 other migrants. Because of the remote location, they could only bus people to detention centers 50 at a time. Jakelin and her father were on the second bus and she was not showing any signs of illness at the time. They were given some food and water.

As soon as the father and border patrol became aware of girls illness, they called for emergency assistance. Cuomo further explained how the border patrol agents went above and beyond to help the girl and her father:

“CBP let the father go with the daughter to the hospital. It’s not what the law would suggest, right? He was under arrest, but it was the right thing to do. It is illegal to cross, we know that. But humanity is part of the job on the border. They know that. And he needed to be there, and he was.”

Cuomo called out those who claimed that the border patrol failed to do all they could to save the child. “Don’t demonize people working on the border with false allegations.”

Although Cuomo believes that there need to be significant changes at the border, he doesn’t think the wall would solve the problem. He pointed to a flawed immigration system and an understaffed legal system that struggles to process everyone as two details that a wall wouldn’t solve.

“If you build the wall but you don’t build out the other areas, you’re not going to be fixing [it], not really,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo said the path to preventing another tragic death didn’t involve demonizing both sides. “The answer isn’t demonizing desperation, demonizing the CBP. They’re not storm troopers.”

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Something that was not mentioned in this article is that the FATHER took the daughter on this perilous trip yet the mother stayed in Guatemala. This is not the first time that it has been reported that one parent takes the child to illegally enter the U.S. while the other parent stays in whatever country they are from. Why is the family not fleeing the poverty, etc. together.

Bonnie Parker-Stewart it seems that this time the mother did not do all she could to protect the child.

Bonnie Parker-Stewart
Bonnie Parker-Stewart

My daughter’s almost 19 and I would still do everything I could to protect her. Including tackling her if need be to keep her from an unsafe situation. She’ll be 40 and I’ll still protect her if I can. Your kid will always be your kid no matter how old they are. She’ll make mistakes and learn from them but if I see her heading towards danger I’ll do whatever I have to do to keep her from it. I’m a mom and when she becomes a mom she’ll feel the same way.

Bonnie Parker-Stewart
Bonnie Parker-Stewart

Once again PS is trying to put the blame on someone else. I have the utmost compassion for any parent who loses a child. Unfortunately it’s ultimately the father’s fault. I’m sure he thought he was doing the best thing for his daughter and I really feel for him. But he knew the dangers and he knew that people die all the time trying to cross illegally and he chose to do it anyway. The job of every parent is to protect your child no matter what. Not to put them in danger.

Oscar Williams

So, Cuomo: Risk your security! Lobby the LEFT to come together with President Trump — who has tried to get them to the bargaining table SEVERAL TIMES — and MAKE THEM OPEN UP! Pelosi and Schumer are only after VOTES, and YOU know this! They won’t be responsible for the care and record of all these illegals, and you KNOW that too. So, Stick your neck out. Go For It! Admit that President Trump as been TRYING to get support from the SWAMP, but the lizard lefties won’t do it. Work it!

Janice Stephenson

Is Cuomo a “Walk Away” candidate? So sad for little one, but the fault lies with the father for taking her on that grueling journey.


can’t believe chris actually didn’t blame the right. the blame goes to the father for not taking care of her better.

Gerald D Cline Jr.

What puzzles me is, why wasn’t this girl’s ‘father” paying attention to her condition? She was supposed to b in HIS care. Was she EVEN his daughter? Or was she just some kid he had picked up or had been provided by a Coyote to fool the border patrol, and he intended to either turn her over to a Coyote or sell her into the child sex industry once he got past the border?

Anna Ostby

This one time I’m in full agreement with Cuomo , the family and the father claim that she was watered and fed throughout the long treck but an autopsy will prove just how long this child had gone without water and food , there’s no way she was fine and then became sick after the BP detained them , BP went above and beyond to help and guaranteed they gave the child water before any of the other 100+ detainees . Now some shyster lawyer will use this family and sue the US government to make a name

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