NY Gov Grants Clemency to Nearly 30 Facing Deportation, Jail Time Due to Criminal Records

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, controversial for his positions on immigration, used his executive authority to help illegal immigrants escape deportation.

On Monday, Cuomo’s office announced the action and listed each of the 29 individuals to whom Cuomo either granted a pardon or commuted their sentence. Each of them was an immigrant who had a criminal record and some faced potential deportation, according to the press release.

The charges included robbery, first-degree assault, attempted arson, counterfeiting, and criminal sale of a controlled substance.

His office promoted the pardons and commutations as a way to “help keep immigrant families together and take a critical step toward a more just, more fair and more compassionate New York.”

The immigrants, according to Cuomo’s office, “demonstrated substantial evidence of rehabilitation and a commitment to community crime reduction.”

This was just the latest incident in which Cuomo seemed to act in a way that contravened the president’s immigration agenda. Cuomo already issued pardons in August and July and clashed with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when he accused the agency of engaging in illegal search tactics in his state.

Cuomo’s announcement came as President Donald Trump pushed for a southern border wall to protect American communities from, among other things, illegal immigrant crime. In a statement, Cuomo portrayed his state as a stalwart against the president’s agenda.

“While President Trump shuts down the federal government over his obsession with keeping immigrants out, New York stands strong in our support for immigrant communities,” he said.

Trump recently harped on the effects of illegal immigration when he highlighted the death of California police officer Ronil Singh, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant:

The administration has also blamed the ongoing migrant crisis on an immigration system which incentivizes illegal border crossings. Those incentives likely came from sanctuary policies and actions like Cuomo’s.


  1. Deportation is not a state action, it is the jurisdiction of the Federal government.

  2. As a New Yorker who has to deal with this situation up close, unlike the bleeding liberals who spout behind their segregated housing, I make sure these politicians know how little they are helping us, regular people. I just sent my Congressman Engel a very long letter in response to his newsletter announcing his goals. He’s another one who has changed his views to suit the times and I reminded him that he can’t deny the past just to join the anti-Trump gang. I merely reminded him of that.

  3. We really need the criminal element among illegal aliens to stay in the U.S. because they’ll contribute so much to our society. Why can’t we stupid conservatives understand the logic of that?

  4. I’m sure the New York police officers appreciate Cuomo’s complete lack of respect…..sending KNOWN ILLEGAL criminal offenders back on the streets of New York I wonder how much he was paid to do that. I wonder how many lives (police and civilian) will be lost due solely to his decision to expose legal and law-abiding citizens to these criminals who now no doubt assume they can commit more crimes with impunity. I wonder how much it will cost the New York taxpayers to fund them via welfare.

    1. No one needed to pay Andrew Cuomo to pardon these criminals, he has very severe TDS.

  5. Typical far left liberal pushing the socialist agenda to gain CASH from soros & his organizations. Only thing these liberals care about is their own bank account. To hell with AMERICA & OUR LAWS.

  6. Any murder or crime that happens by any one of these people lies solely on the hands of this kooky Cuomo!

  7. The best way to eliminate recidivism is public execution.

  8. There is a way to keep illegal families together. Have the whole family go back to Mexico.

  9. Cuomo should be deported! You cant trust demented transtesticles

  10. SO, Cuomo gives literally ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS a FREE GET-OUT-OF-JAIL PASS???
    To all ILLEGALS — Move to NY, they’ll just LOVE you there!!!

  11. Cuomo’s idea of compassion: please, sir, may I have another.

  12. New Yorkers have scant regard for law and order – do the crime but no time it seems – disgraceful decision,

  13. This is so sad. Govenor Cuomo, you better be prepared. If any of your pardons cause a death to an American citizen, I hope the family or survivors sue you and the State of New York. Maybe money will be the only thing you understand you POS.

  14. Cuomo is a f$&king POS LIB-A-Turd..
    Would look good, hot poker sticking
    out from his ass..HOPEFULLY one of the
    Blue Bloods will put a bullet in his f$&ing

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