NY Governor Cuomo Calls NRA’s Self Defense Insurance ‘Murder Insurance’ — Now the Two are Going to Court

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in a legal battle with the National Rifle Association (NRA) over their Carry Guard self-defense insurance. 

States have the power to oversee insurance and Cuomo decided to utilize that power against the NRA. 

Carry Guard, according to the NRA, is an insurance to protect gun owners who face legal battles after legally using their firearms in self-defense.

The insurance is provided through Lockton Affinity. The NRA doesn’t actually provide the insurance, rather they market the product and act as a sales platform.

Unfortunately for Lockton, Cuomo decided that he would not allow self-defense insurance to be sold in New York, calling it “murder insurance” and alleging that it only protects gun owners who intend to commit “bad acts.” 


The states regulate insurance, as you know, and the NRA was, in essence, selling an insurance product in the state of New York, called Carry Guard. It was designed for people who carry weapons and the insurance policy essentially insured them for intentional bad acts, intentional wrongdoing.


We took action against [Lockton]. They paid a fine. They agreed to stop selling the product and the NRA was involved, basically as their broker getting a commission in advertising. That violates the law. Their complaint is ‘we lost money.’ Too bad.

In turn, the NRA is blaming the governor for the financial losses suffered from the state denying insurance sales and for his continuous attempts to get companies to cut ties with the pro-gun organization. 

The NRA filed a lawsuit against Cuomo on the basis that he harmed their First Amendment right to communicate with customers about the Second Amendment. 

Cuomo doesn’t seem too concerned about the lawsuit, joking that the NRA will be in his “thoughts and prayers.”

Cuomo said he plans to do outreach to other states to urge them to ban self-defense insurance, as well, saying, “It would be highly unusual for a state to allow an insurance company to reimburse for an illegal activity. They call it ‘murder insurance.'”

Many find Cuomo’s battle with the NRA to be nothing more than theatrics. 

This year, the NRA faced scrutiny as survivors of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting placed blame on the organization for the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. 

Although the NRA had a difficult year in the press, they managed to break fundraising records after a wave of support from Second Amendment activists. 

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