Curt Schilling Claims There’s One Reason He’s Not in the Baseball Hall of Fame ― He’s a Conservative

Outspoken conservative Curt Schilling isn’t in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and he thinks it has a lot more to do with his politics than his pitching.

Schilling pitched for many Major League Baseball teams, including the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and Arizona Diamondbacks. He is the holder of the best postseason pitching record of any player who pitched more than 10 games. He was also a six-time All-Star, won three World Series championships, and struck out over 3,000 batters in his career.

Somehow, these accolades haven’t been enough to get him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Schilling told Fox News’ Mark Levin that he knows it is because he is an outspoken conservative.

“It’s not a guess. There are people who have not voted for me specifically because of the things I’ve said or did,” Schilling explained. “They’ve said it. They’ve come out and said, ‘I can’t vote for him because of what he said or what he did.'”

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Schilling noted that the baseball writers who vote players into the Hall of Fame can ignore players because of a “character clause,” meaning that if a player damaged the organization because of his past actions, they don’t have to be considered for the honor.

This has mostly been reserved for players who have admitted to or been suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs — something Schilling claims he never took part in.

“They are equating me, and something they think I’ve done or said, with guys who willingly […] destroyed other people’s lives to preserve their legacy,” Schilling said.

Although it isn’t ideal, Schilling said he can move past not being in the Hall of Fame because of advice his father gave him: “Don’t ever live your life trying to please people you don’t know.”

Schilling’s baseball career is over, but many have called for him to run for office. The baseball legend said he considered running for office, but it isn’t likely.

“When I watched the [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh hearing and realized that the conservative wives, spouses, and children are now in play for the media, my family doesn’t deserve that, and they’re not — they spent 20 years following me around in baseball. I’m not going to subject them to that,” Schilling said.

As IJR previously reported, Schilling claims he was fired from ESPN because of his outspoken conservative politics despite the network protecting many outspoken commentators with left-leaning views.

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