‘If I Was 20 Years Younger’: 93-Year-Old D-Day Vet Gets Chuckle from Trump After Flirting With Melania

A 93-year-old World War II veteran who fought in the D-Day invasions earned a laugh from President Donald Trump after he was caught flirting with the first lady, The Sun reported Wednesday.

During an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Allied Powers’ invasion of Normandy, France, British D-Day veteran Thomas Cuthbert was introduced to first lady Melania Trump by her husband, who said it was “an honor” to meet the man who helped liberate the French during the Second World War.

Without missing a beat after meeting Melania, Cuthbert commented that the first lady was “gorgeous” before quipping, “If only I was 20 years younger.”

Watch the video here:

The joke earned a laugh from the president, who is 72, who fired back that the 93-year-old veteran “could handle it.”

“There’s not a question about it,” added the president.

The Sun reported that Cuthbert said Trump “came across very well” after the event and that the president “surprised” him and “seemed different” than his TV persona.

“He surprised me,” said Cuthbert. “You see someone on the TV but he seemed different, he seemed one of the boys.”

“His wife was very pleasant as well,” added the D-Day veteran.

The meet-and-greet event on Wednesday served as part of a state visit of the first family to Europe for the anniversary of the D-Day invasions.

As IJR Red previously reported, the president delivered a speech on Omaha Beach in Normandy on Thursday, thanking the 170 World War II veterans in attendance for their service for winning “back this ground for civilization” and praising them as being “among the very greatest Americans who will ever live.”

“You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live,” said the president. “You’re the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Even some of Trump’s fiercest critics praised his Thursday speech as the “strongest speech of his presidency.”


  1. OF COURSE, we praised the speech he read. He gets PRAISE every time he behaves in a fashion that does NOT embarrass the country. Initially, we believed that if we PRAISED even passing the lowest bar, if would do it more OFTEN!! Just because it doesn’t work, doesn’t mean we will stop.

  2. 20 years younger, or $5B richer. Then he’d have a chance…

  3. Love this man and our President.. Melania is a class act..(none better)

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