‘We Support Anything That Keeps Our Country Safe’: DACA Recipient Explains Why He Supports Trump’s Wall

Dreamer Hilario Yanez was brought to the United States illegally when he was a just one year old. He could have been deported, but he received protections under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

America is the only home he’s ever known which is why he supports President Donald Trump’s efforts to build a border wall.

Yanez joined Fox News to explain why he supports President Trump’s wall, despite many believing that DACA recipients don’t support the president’s immigration policy.


“I speak to hundreds and thousands of Dreamers and honestly, I think we all agree that we support anything that keeps our country safe or even safer. I believe that if that means a barrier, if that means technology, border patrol, then I agree. We all agree with the president and the millions of Americans that think safety should be our number one priority.”

Although Yanez doesn’t speak for all DACA recipients, he said that many are relieved that this discussion could actually lead to comprehensive immigration reform.

“We’re just tired of what’s going on with immigration. You know the issue has always been kicked down the can for many years and it’s time to do something. It’s time to bring safety to our American people. It’s time to bring a permanent solution for DACA. I think this is the perfect time to have all parties come together.”

Yanez said he just wants to see both President Trump and the country succeed in securing immigration policy that keeps the country safe.

“The president is living up to his moral duties which is to protect this country,” Yanez explained. “He has every right to ask for border security.”

Yanez hopes that a deal can be struck along the lines of the proposals made by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Graham has proposed that the GOP negotiate a deal with Democrats that would secure both border funding and protections for DACA recipients that could lead down a pathway for citizenship.

“I’m very optimistic,” Yanez said. “I think if both parties come together, it will be a huge win for the American people and it will be a huge win for the president.”

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Noble sentiments Mr. Yanez. But
1. it’s NOT YOUR COUNTRY and will not be until you and your parents become citizens OR resident aliens. You may have heard there’s actually a LEGAL process for that.
2. While I agree with your sentiments, isn’t it absolutely SELFISH of you to advocate for a wall, now that you’re on the “safe” side? For now, anyway.


I’m pretty sure wall funding for DACA has been discussed in the past. The president said outright it isn’t going to happen.

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