NC Congressman-Elect Says Trump’s Help was ‘Tremendous’ to Securing Special Election Victory

The congressman-elect who won a highly-contentious special election in North Carolina credited President Donald Trump as being “a tremendous help” to his electoral victory.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, newly-elected Representative Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) — who won the do-over election for North Carolina’s 9th District — was asked by host Steve Doocy about “how big a help” the president was in his victory over Democratic candidate Dan McCready.

Bishop said that the president was “a tremendous help” during the contest and that Trump’s rally sent them “surging.”

The North Carolina Republican also pointed out that while he had only been running for the seat the past six months, as opposed to McCready who had been campaigning for the spot since the previous election.

Bishop also mentioned that his campaign was only financially competitive with McCready’s for “about six weeks.”

“I was only in this race for six months against someone who was in it for two years,” said Bishop. “And we really only were competitive in terms of funding for about six weeks.”

Watch the video here:

“So the president and the vice president stepping in and committing the way they did to this race was tremendous, and a lot of credit goes to the president,” added Bishop.

The special election for North Carolina’s 9th district was triggered after the previous election’s results — which saw Republican candidate Mark Harris win over McCready — were invalidated due to ballot fraud.

The recent victory was seen as a big one for the Republicans, as the election was viewed as a bellwether for Trump’s 2020 re-election chances.

As IJR previously reported, Trump held a rally the day before the election where he torched McCready as wanting “sanctuary cities” and “open borders” while talking up Bishop. He told rally attendees to vote in Tuesday’s special election to “stop the far left.”


  1. SyPhylis: Actually, I was speaking about election fraud in general. I admit, the NC results were shaky and may have deserved a recount. But the majority of past elections where recounts have been demanded were by Democrats and the same shady pattern emerges. In Michigan, it was demanded by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who garnered less than 5% of the vote. It was Hillary that promised to pay off her campaign debt in order to demand a recount. Thus, new laws restricting recounts here, because THAT comes out of state coffers.

    Typical of most liberal losers your memories of Coleman are conveniently forgotten. Coleman had won, but ended up conceding because he didn’t have the balls to stand up to Franken and the Machine cheating behind him. Just as well, Coleman was a RINO by all measures, and we all saw what Franken and the Democrat party is about, later! It may have been better that Coleman had not been cheated (or conceded).

    1. “We all know what Franken was about”, yet the Democrats still parade Creepy, “Uncle Handsey”*, Joe Biden about like Bernie, in “Weekend at Bernie’s.

      Like all Democrat causes, they’re all for a cause, when they think it benefits them politically, and against it, when it doesn’t. They’re not quite ready to abandon “The Great White (Most Moderate Democrat) Hope” quite yet, although they’re thinking about it.

      * Uncle Handsey was Biden’s nickname in the Obama Whitehouse amongst female staffers,

  2. Screw and WHC, McCready is not the one that raised the voter fraud charge. He conceded the election and took his family on vacation. It was while he was at Disney World that the voter fraud charge was discovered. HOW did you miss the coverage of the NC elections bureau refusing to certify the election?—The election bureau is not a Democrat controlled board. The decision was unanimous! Without certification, another election was called. McCrae Dowless and 4 of his employees were indicted by a grand jury. Harris and his son testified at a public hearing on the voter fraud case and Harris’ son testified against his father. I applaud NC for not holding a double standard, which is what you two want employed. AND, if REALLY you want to re-introduce NORM COLEMAN!! Coleman’s pic is in the dictionary under sore loser! If he had EVIDENCE of voter fraud, he had numerous opportunities to present it. Every level that he took his challenge was decided against him BY UNANIMOUS VOTES! Even when he lost the MN state supreme court contest, he wanted to take it to the SCOTUS—Gov Pawlenty, a REPUBLICAN, certified the election and shut him down. Frankin was not sworn in as Senator under July 7, 2009–8 months AFTER the election!

  3. $10 million by both parties spent on one election.

    Bishop is confused if he thinks that the Republican party can continue to spend, spend, spend like that on all districts. That well only goes so deep.

    1. $10 million on an election for a 16 month term is ridiculous. At this point, no one knows what the 9th district will look like in the 2020 election since NC Supreme Court has ruled the present gerrymandering unconstitutional. The SCOTUS has previously stated they won’t take gerrymandering cases. Start redrawing those districts.

  4. >WellHungChad & Screwtape<

    You're both correct on the voter fraud comments. Just learned that CA – aka as Commiefornia – has begun a "massive voter roll clean-up of inactive voters" – – 1.5 million in LA County alone. No mention was made of the number of ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS who are registered to vote there. It is known that thousands of Invaders ARE registered and DID vote in Virginia during the 2016 election.

    With the Socialists becoming more active in their attempt to destroy the United States, no question there will be even MORE fraud (voting twice or more often, using someone else's identification to vote, poll workers manufacturing ballots to achieve the results the Left needs to "win", etc. like that which happened here in Florida in 2018, etc.) Like the old saying goes: Vote DemocRAT and vote often.

  5. It seems “ballot fraud” only gets complained about when Democrats lose. Al Franken comes to mind. Count and recount until the Democrat wins. Meanwhile, look in trunks of rental cars for the “lost” ballots that will push the Democrat candidate over the finish line and hope the Republican candidate tires of the social division the recount causes, and gives up.

    Another was Al Gore. Those hanging chads (the origin of my alias) mean something for the Democrat candidate except when they don’t ( i.e., hanging to the right).

    Another proof of point: The recount ordered in Michigan over Trump’s victory there. The only cheating going on was found to be in Democrat Detroit where some of the same ballots were counted 3-4 times. After being thrown out, Trump won by an even larger margin.

    Today’s NC victory proves the people are on to the Democrat dirty tricks and are sick of it. BTW, one of the Republican candidates won in a 35% black district. Apparently, jobs and money in all of our pockets means more than Democrat BS.

    1. You noticed that. The only reason anyone doubts election results OR calls for voter verification is if the Dim’s/Left don’t get the results they want. From Gore to Hillary to the collusion delusion to Stacy Abrams they are sore losers.

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