Dan Bongino Slams John Dean Hearing: Democrats Are Trying to ‘Fabricate’ a Charge ‘That Doesn’t Exist’

Fox News/YouTube

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino slammed the Democratic party for continuing to push for impeachment during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

Bongino pointed out that the Mueller report made no determination on obstruction of justice, and that Democrats are attempting to continue pushing for impeachment.

“There was never anything there,” said Bongino. “They’re trying to fabricate an obstruction charge that doesn’t exist and they know it.”

John Dean, the former White House counsel for Richard Nixon, is testifying to Congress on Monday. Bongino claimed that it was a pointless hearing.

“That’s what we need to hear from another discredited former felon,” said Bongino. “I mean, the Democrats really rack it up on the winners list that they use for their character people … They don’t have anything, and this goes back to what they’re really doing.”


Dean is also an outspoken critic of President Trump, writing an op-ed in March in which he slammed the president.

“In fact, all Americans are affected by the growing authoritarianism that made Mr. Trump president,” Dean wrote for the New York Times. “These people who facilitated his rise will remain long after Mr. Trump is gone. We need to pay more attention.”

Bongino claimed that the hearings are a way to distract from the fact that the Mueller report is done and there is not enough evidence for impeachment.

“This whole charade they are engaging on this week in these impeachment hearings, it’s an act,” Bongino said. “What they are trying to do is distract you from the fact that the Mueller probe is completely collapsing its credibility.”

As IJR Red previously reported, many Democrats are hoping to push forward with impeachment. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has, in the past, said she is against impeachment, but after recent arguments with the president, she is now meeting with Democratic lawmakers to discuss the possibility of impeachment.

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John Dean serves no purpose in these hearings. This is one of the more bizzare and pointless events in recent Congressional history.

Phyllis Softa

Either Dan Bongino is not part of the 3% of the country that has READ the Mueller report or he doesn’t want the FOX audience to believe he has and is lying to them. Either way, that is just sad. Bongino is NOT an attorney, but he has to be aware that over 1,000 former federal prosecutors, of both parties, have signed the open letter stating they WOULD HAVE INDICTED on the obstruction of justice evidence outlined in the Mueller report. FOX knows Bongino isn’t an attorney so they can’t ask him for his legal analysis. Obstruction of Justice is… Read more »


And just how does john dean, cnn partisan hack and outspoken critic of President Trump bring ANYTHING worthwhile to this charade, philly? All he brings is he will tell people like you, Trump haters, exactly what you want to hear.
It’s very ironic that you will tell other people here that they don’t want to know the truth and that you keep harping on the mueller report, but you will be the LAST person to acknowledge the cracks that are starting to appear in the integrity of the meuller report.

Phyllis Softa

WHAT are the cracks? Is the integrity of Trump still intact with you? If so, YOU have NOT read the report. What he told you was “fake news” is testimony given under oath by members of the Trump administration.


Phil, John Dean is a convicted felon and liar who lost his license to practice law. You ARE old enough to remember Watergate.

You’re old enough to have heard the term “credibility”.

It’s telling that he now makes $$ accusing EVERY Republican administration of being *ahem* “worse than Nixon” when he was the criminal ringleader of that debacle AND he shills his crap on CNN.

Phyllis Softa

If your issue is Dean’s credibility, you should research what Dean testified to BEFORE the tapes were released and EVERYTHING Dean testified to was verified on Nixon’s tapes. That gives him credibility. I am a capitalist. I do not deny anyone, including Dean or Bongorino an opportunity to make a buck. One read the report and the other either is LYING about what is in the report or is LYING to the FOX audience. If you read the report, you are aware Bongorino’s version is alternative facts. As you point out, I WAS in college during the Watergate hearings. Dean… Read more »


WOW! The hypocrisy of philly comes shining through, again. Screw, I’m sure you remember all the times she rebuked both you and me for our “childish nicknames” we gave people and now look at her with Dan Bongino’s name. At least our nicknames were funny. Oh, by the way philly, Dean WAS the ringleader in the cover-up.


“1000 FORMER federal prosecutors”. I wonder how many are exes because Trump fired them?

Surely you know that a “former” prosecutor is called a “citizen”. We havre opinions and votes too. That’s how we kicked Hillary to the curb in 2016.


Perhaps you would do well to recall that Clinton was impeached for PERJURY not obstruction. Additionally you would do well to consider this: Were those 1,000 former prosecutors saying they would have brought POTUS Trump or citizen Trump up on obstruction? As things stand with precedent at the DOJ they really could only have been considering citizen Trump when they signed that letter unless, by some miracle, they were applying the logic of time which does insure that eventually POTUS Trump will become citizen Trump once again.

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