‘A Sad Showing’: Crenshaw Points out the Difference Between Hong Kong and Portland ‘Antifascists’


Freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) pointed out the difference between the groups of “antifascists” in Hong Kong and Portland, Oregon.

In a tweet published on Saturday, Crenshaw took aim at the Antifa protesters in Oregon who took to the streets of Portland the same day.

Crenshaw proclaimed that the anti-fascist protesters in Hong Kong “demand freedom and actually fight fascists” while Antifa “demand violence in the name of socialism.”

He also said that what happened in the city was “a sad showing of where we are today” and facetiously backed the idea of “buy[ing] Greenland.”

“In Hong Kong, antifascists wave American flags, demand freedom and actually fight fascists. In Portland, ‘antifascists’ burn American flags, demand violence in the name of socialism,” wrote the Texas Republican. “Portland is a sad showing of where we are today. All around. Also yes obviously buy Greenland.”

Crenshaw’s tweet came as Antifa protesters gathered in the Rose City violently clashed with the far-right, neofascist group The Proud Boys.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D-Ore.) praised the event as “largely peaceful” with only thirteen people arrested during the protests and at least six people injured.

Wheeler had previously come under fire after a previous Antifa protest in his city resulted in conservative journalist Andy Ngo being beaten and reportedly having a milkshake filled with concrete thrown at his head.

The Portland mayor said that he “wasn’t even here” as he had been out of the country on a “wildlife tour” in Ecuador with his family, as IJR Red previously reported.

“The truth is, I wasn’t even here,” said Wheeler. “I wasn’t even in the United States. I was with my family in Ecuador on a wildlife tour.”

On Wednesday, days ahead of the protests, Wheeler said that the city does not “tolerate any act of violence” and that the Portland police department was “investigating” Ngo’s attack.

“We don’t tolerate any act of violence, not that act of violence or any other,” said Wheeler. “The police are investigating and they are following up on leads.”

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Tery Gohsman

Funny. The so called terrorist group antifascists have a death count of, wait for it…..O. whereas the republican’s favorite white supremacists are going on 107 this year alone. Again the republican party either needs a dictionary or to learn how to read one.

Phyllis Softa

Crenshaw appears to be of the impression that there were zero instances of violence in Hong Kong. There was not widespread violence, but there were isolated incidents. Perhaps FOX did not have journalist on the ground as did other news outlets.


Portland is a mess. A friend of mine works from home in a suburb. He is a liberal but not insane; says he rarely goes into the city anymore.

Phyllis Softa

Just curious, is it a secret or denial that this was a Poor Boys rally as well? Trump & Crenshaw made no mention of the self-proclaimed fascist group Poor Boys. Keene made 1. Yes, there were 6 reported as injured, with 1 of the 6 requiring medical attention at a hospital and 13 individuals arrested—BUT it would be informative to know which of the 2 groups those individuals belonged. BOTH groups have a history of violence accompanied by arrests. I am not a fan of Antifa—BUT I am also NOT a fan of Poor Boys. Pretending they BOTH don’t exist… Read more »


What came out of this, beside yet, more, still evidence that Antifa are lawless fascist thugs? Portland is a shithole due to enabling Dimocratic policies. Homeless people harass, shit, and camp on the streets. Businesses are leaving in droves. Ted Wheeler is criminally incompetent and those who elected him have no grounds to complain. He enabled the ICE occupiers, Antifa, and wasn’t even here to make a gesture of leadership. People GOT the government they elected and I doubt they are smart enough to make better choices. Every time my wife and I hear/watch the open-air asylum circus that claims… Read more »


Here’s the biggest tell about Antifa. They ALWAYS rally in REACTION to what others do. When did Antifa hold a rally of its own? Did it get permits (Not)? Did it cohesively express ANY OTHER MESSAGE than violence? No. Antifa is a domestic terrorist MOB. It’s loosely organized by (mostly) white, spoiled, idiots, who complain when law-enforcement takes measures to stop their adolescent rampages. They are idiots, like Generally Confused, who cannot understand that THEY ARE THE FASCIST THUGS. Just like Generally, they fail to understand the message they send. If you are confused from the start nobody will take… Read more »


Antifa ought to be declared domestic terrorists. They are the facists and are trying to shut down free speech.

Bonnie Keever

Ahh one isn’t Eucador one of places that are sending people to our boarder and you are in that country doing a wildlife tour and your police were right there what do mean they are investigating they were right there and let it happen wth





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