Dan Crenshaw Spares Ocasio-Cortez No Mercy While Putting His Fellow Congressional Newcomer on Blast

Dan Crenshaw/Facebook/Rick Loomis/Getty Images

Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) just got candid about his thoughts on fellow Congressional freshman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) — and he didn’t hold back one bit.

“I don’t think we are comparable,” he told IJR, quickly shooting down the notion that she’s his Democratic equivalent. “I think the only reason people are comparing us is because we both got famous very quickly. She has an extremely different style. I mean, policy differences are 180, but the style is also 180 and I think that’s pretty obvious.”

While Ocasio-Cortez and Crenshaw both appear to be rising stars within their parties, the former Navy SEAL doesn’t seem impressed by his future colleague’s work ethic already.

“She doesn’t really participate in a lot of the new members’ stuff with Democrats or Republicans,” he said when asked if he’s interacted with her.

Rick Loomis/Getty Images

Crenshaw then reamed her for sounding the alarm on a supposed lobbyist takeover of Congressional orientation — an event he claims she barely even attended:

“She wasn’t in hardly any of the classes at Harvard, which was the time for us to ask questions and get a feel for each other there. She wasn’t in any of those. I think I saw her in one class. Which is funny because she tweeted complaining about the Harvard classes, about how she thinks there are too many lobbyists. Well, you weren’t even there! I thought that was really funny. Not to mention, for a lot of reasons it was an interesting suggestion by her.”

Crenshaw’s call out comes after Ocasio-Cortez criticized the session from Harvard economists:

As it turns out, neither she nor the other 60 plus Congressmembers-elect were required to attend this event, as it was put on by a private university and not a mandated part of their orientation — and apparently, she was barely there anyway.

Read more from IJR’s exclusive interview with Dan Crenshaw here.

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Ray Grandon

cortez is the reason people’s leaving NY.


she won because she told the people in her district what they wanted to hear. more free stuff. she doesn’t have a cue what is going on. she says thing and ask to explain them, she gets a blank look on her face. like a deer caught in headlights.

Mark Potochnik

I don’t see anything that she said was wrong. She will not be a sheep. While it sounds like Crenshaw just believes in throwing money to the rich. AOC is a bottoms up person…. Trumps failure is just starting to show…. My only problem with AOC,is while I hate big corporations running the country, they ARE necessary. And she seems to over judge them just because they are big. I’m a huge fan of the highest valued US Automaker Tesla.. I love AOC…


Crenshaw’s depth-perception, even with one eye, is dead on. He can spot a shallow character and still be a gentleman about saying so.





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