Crenshaw Clobbers Patagonia, Calls for Climate Virtue Signaling to Stop

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) clobbered clothing company Patagonia and called for the “virtue signaling” regarding climate change to stop.

Last week, Patagonia published a tweet calling on people to tell Congress to take action on climate change. The post also included a video with the words “facing extinction” superimposed over the faces of multiple people.

“The climate crisis is a human issue. Tell Congress there is no room in government for climate deniers,” wrote the company. “Answer with Action.”

On Friday, Crenshaw — a first-term Republican and former NAVY Seal — fired back at the company, pointing out that the synthetic fibers they use in their clothing items are made of petroleum.

He also called for “the virtue signaling” to stop and for people to start talking about “real solutions” to climate change.

“Fun fact: Patagonia uses fossil fuels for its clothes (synthetics are a petroleum product). It’d be helpful if the virtue signaling stopped and real solutions were discussed, ie carbon capture tech, nuclear, and natural gas exports to developing countries currently burning coal.”

Patagonia admits to their use of synthetic fibers on their website, where the company also says it is working to make its supply chain carbon neutral by the year 2025.

“Living our mission — we’re in business to save our home planet — Patagonia’s goal is to be carbon neutral across our entire business including our supply chain by 2025,” wrote Patagonia.

Climate change has become a central issue for the 2020 presidential race, and some Democratic candidates are already offering their ideas on how to combat it.

As IJR previously reported, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang called for people to move “to higher ground” in his climate change proposal and offered the idea of using “space mirrors” to reflect “much of the sun’s light” as a last-ditch effort to fight climate change.

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Hey, what happened to the Ice Age they promised when I was 25? I invested thousands in hot water bottles and then they changed to Global Warming. I lost my shirt.


until they are carbon neutral, Patagonia executives should be quiet


IMHO, there is no climate crisis, regardless what some addled, know-nothing sixteen-year old tries to say.


Made a comment about climate change and was called a spammer. I guess my comments disagreed with IJR.


Space mirrors? I support the alternative proposed years ago by Bloom County.

Take all those dollar bills to be spent on global warming, sew them into a gigantic sunshade, and orbit it over the earth.





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