Dan Crenshaw Pounces on Dem Congressman After He Makes the ‘Worst Analogy Ever’ About Border Walls

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Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) made an analogy about border walls that was so bad Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) wanted to give him an award for it.

Under the leadership of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Swalwell and many of his fellow Democrats have been trying to explain their opposition to providing $5.7 billion to build a physical barrier at the southern border.

Although the record-breaking partial government shutdown ended on Friday, President Donald Trump is still battling to secure wall funding. The deal negotiated between the two sides allowed for the government to reopen until February 15. At that point, the two sides will have to have made a long-term agreement on funding for the Department of Homeland Security or the government will shut down again.

For now, the Republicans are standing firm on their request for $5.7 billion for a physical barrier. Democrats latest request is for $5.7 billion for improved technology at the border, but not a wall or other type of physical barrier. They’re calling a “smart wall” and it consists of drones, x-ray machines for vehicle screenings, and additional border patrol agents.

In an attempt to build an analogy about the use of a “smart wall,” Rep. Swalwell decided to compare it to the U.S. Capitol. It backfired.

As many people noted, this analogy doesn’t work for a plethora of reason. The building is obviously made of walls and there are several barriers that prevent cars from driving too close to the building and doors that remain locked or guarded at all times.  Others noted that the capitol building is located in the U.S., far away from any other country, and is not at great risk for an invasion.

Many took to Twitter to mock Swalwell for his failed analogy.

After Swalwell was roasted online for his failed analogy, Crenshaw offered to give him a prize for “worst analogy, ever.”

Although the shutdown may have ended, it looks like there will still be plenty of theatrical moments before the two sides pass a long-term agreement on border security.

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Swalwell is an idiot. It’s entirely too much to hope he realizes that his office has walls, as does his DC residence. Remember as well that DC’s elite center has a huge concentration of cameras and any time he flies home he has to pass security, cameras, and guards.

Tim Adkerson

I have listened to Swallwell speak in the past. He does not even reach the level of a member of the 7th-grade debate team But it is not surprising, he is from California.





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