Dana Loesch Doesn’t Mince Words After CNN Touts Network’s Award for Holding Parkland Town Hall

Conservative gun rights activist Dana Loesch is calling out CNN after the network won an award for their town hall after the Parkland shooting.

The network won the Walter Cronkite Award for helping “advance the national conversation on gun control and violence.” Loesch quickly took to Twitter to speak out about her dissatisfaction of the decision, saying that she experienced a very hostile environment during the event.

She posted multiple videos showing the crowd yelling and booing at her due to differences in beliefs.

She sarcastically pointed out that CNN is promoting the award as a good thing, despite the unruly crowd.

According to Loesch, her appearance was used by the network to unnecessarily inflame the hurt the victims were feeling.

“Some interesting notes: CNN set this up like a WWE event. Purposefully,” Loesch said. “They allowed Scott Israel to take the stage before the cameras turned on and electioneer; he took that time (about 20 minutes) to start blaming law-abiding gun owners.”

She claimed that she was threatened with violence at the event and that while she had wanted to show people with different opinions she was willing to listen, the network used the event as a “show.”

“I showed up in good faith for genuine conversation knowing that at best, it would be a tough event,” Loesch said. “The lengths [CNN] went to inflame emotions & exploit pain to *put on a show* is inexcusable, shameful, & it’s grotesque they’re celebrating getting an ‘award’ for their conduct.”

She said that CNN should have admitted where they went wrong instead of claiming the award as something to be proud of.

“Those with integrity would reject this absolute sham of an award. But, narratives and ratings. Congrats on the ‘show,’ CNN. Applause, applause,” Loesch said.

The Parkland shooting continued the national debate over gun rights, with both sides deeply divided over what weapons should be legal to own and how they should be regulated.


  1. Dana and her husband – Chris – have got to be very strong individuals to endure the hatred spewed at them by the anti-gun Socialists following lockstep in the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Pol Pot and those formerly known as “Democrats” to disarm law-abiding Americans. The Nazi wannabes seem to forget that FREE people own guns; SLAVES don’t. It’s a guns for ME; but not for THEE grab for CONTROL and POWER to destroy our Republic..

  2. she was “shocked and confused” by the song “Let’s Get It Started”?? I am glad they did not play a funeral march. What did she want they to play?
    She participated in a townhall that won an award—and she wants CNN to refuse the award?? I don’t see them doing it anymore than I see NBC’s Meet the Press turning down their award for their one hour piece on Climate Change.

    1. The participation award the Commie Noise Network received only shows how biased they are as a so-called “news” organization. But, someone has to hold onto bottom place. Seems to be reserved for CNN.

      1. I have not joined, not do I understand the cult of obsession with numbers.I do not select the national, local or cable news programs I watch, the books I read, or the twitter accounts I follow by the number of people that do. My choices are chosen on QUALITY. I am too old to waste time on news info designed to entertain me. I want info that is well resourced. I can come here for OPINIONS If the US viewing audience wishes to lower their standards, I am not going to join them.

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