Daughter Starts Fundraising After She’s Cut Off for Who She’s Dating— Dad Says ‘It Has Nothing to Do with Race’

The daughter is accusing her father of creating a racial situation to hurt her, while the father claims this is a case of a spoiled child.

According to NY Daily News, Allie Dowdle has publicly called out her parents for financially cutting her off over their disapproval of who she is dating— a black man. The 18-year-old claims her father is doing this to her “strictly because of his race.”

Image Credit: GoFundMe

No one is disputing the fact that Dowdle’s parents will no longer be paying for her car, her phone, or continue to give her money for college.

However, her father, Bill Dowdle, cites a different reason for telling his daughter — who attends private school — that it’s time to start paying for herself.

The dad shot down his daughter’s reason regarding her boyfriend, Michael, saying, “It was never about race.”

Instead, Bill points to his daughter being spoiled as the reason the family is making the move to hold back on the financial support. The father said:

“It became obvious that she needed to go out in the world and grow up.”

Allie’s father also brought up his daughter’s secrecy about her love life, claiming that she hid the fact that she was dating Michael — and had done the same thing with a previous boyfriend.

Allie decided to find someone else to come through with the money she needed to pay for school tuition by sharing her story on GoFundMe. The Tennessee teenager has raised thousands of dollars using her story of the heartbreak her parents have caused her, with strangers donating $13,230 towards the $10,000 goal she initially set.

Some who made donations applauded Allie for staying true to her love:

Claire Kramer said:

“love. always choose love.”

Isaac Sempala posted:

“the world needs more people like you two :)”

Vicki Sotomayor Leroy said:

“Allie good luck in College! I would be proud to be your Parent!!!!!”

Others, however, didn’t fall for her sob story:

Melissa Garner posted:

“Allie, I live in Memphis and I know the tuition for Hutchison school. It is an exclusive and expensive all girl prep-school. Your parents are letting you continue to live at home. Life is rough. Suck it up and apply for student loans. You do not have to be in the poor house to receive federal student loans.”

Marissa Kizer said:

“Sending a white girl from a middle-class family to college is not fighting racism. In fact, expecting to avoid work, student loans, etc. and be treated like a hero for dating a black guy seems pretty racist to me.”

Monique Mo’Asia Simpson shared:

“There are less fortunate children who comes from low income homes trying to go to college.. This woman comes from a wealthy home and because she has her PRIVILEGED items taken away, she creates a Go Fund Me account that raised over 10,000! This is CRAZY! This isn’t about racisim, this is a SPOILED GIRL WHO DOESN’T WANT TO WORK HER WAY THREW LIFE!”

For Dowdle’s part, he says that because his daughter is 18, he cannot pick whom she dates. However, he believes his daughter used race as a “justification and gave her the moral high ground.”

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