Dem Rep. Says House Has Passed Almost 400 Bills in 2019, Tells McConnell to ‘Do His Job’

Congressman David Cicilline (D-R.I.) shot back at Republicans who accused the Democrats of doing nothing during an impeachment hearing on Thursday. Cicilline touted the Democrats’ legislative record, noting that they have passed more than 400 bills since they gained control of the House of Representatives.

Cicilline said, “we have passed nearly 400 pieces of legislation since Democrats took the majority.”

He added, “275 of those bills are bipartisan. They range from legislation to drive down the cost of prescription drugs to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, to provide equal pay for equal work, to raise the minimum wage for 33 million Americans, the biggest anti-corruption bill since Watergate, H.R. 1, legislation to restore net neutrality, to respond to the climate crisis, universal background checks, and we recently completed negotiations on the new trade deal.”

Cicilline said that “the list is exhaustive. Sadly, 80% of those bills are lying on Mitch McConnell’s desk awaiting action. So I urge my colleagues, maybe instead of trying to mischaracterize what is one of the most productive congresses in modern history, we ought to assert some energy to persuading Mitch McConnell to do his job in bringing those bills to the floor.”

Here’s a clip of Cicilline’s remarks:

The exact number of bills that the House has passed is a bit foggy, but there’s no doubt that Senator Mitch McConnell has been hesitant to give much legislation a chance on the floor of the Senate. The House Democratic Policy & Communications Committee noted in late November that the House has pushed through nearly 400 bills, but that around 80% of them have lingered on McConnell’s desk.

The DPCC also noted that more than 275 of the bills that McConnell has refused to give a chance are bipartisan pieces of legislation. The Senate leader has even touted his role in keeping laws from being passed, saying of some legislation, “they won’t even be voted on. So think of me as the Grim Reaper.”

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Tom Bodine

Welfare handouts and liberal BS should not be passed just to appease the left.

General Confusion

“McConnell is only doing his job” Jeff

Jeff is confused by Moscow Mitch, AKA the Grim Reaper. He is NOT doing his job. That’s the problem. He is only playing politics.

Glenn Botts

Passing anti-American drivel and attacks on President Trump, isn’t passing legislation.


The bipartisan bills were started with republicans helping to draft them but once the dems took over those republicans were pushed to the sidelines while those bills were rewritten—leaving the republicans name on them so as to appear bipartisan!


And exactly how many of those bill are good for the country???? I’ll bet the answer is ZERO.

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

How many of these 400 bills went to joint committees to work out the compromises necessary to pass the Senate?

Captain Snowflake

So- the house spends 2+ years looking for impeachment articles that don’t exist but The senate focuses on things other than the what the liberal house wants- then it is OK for the house to tell the senate to do its job?
I may not agree with Mitch on some things but the Dems only understand turnabout as fair play.

Where is the budget from the house? It was to be passed by Oct 1


Nice try, Cicilline. After listening to you and your posse yesterday all heard was repetition and hate.





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