CNN Commentator Says Biden’s Latest Gaffes on Russia, Segregationists Are ‘Just the Beginning’

A CNN political analyst claimed that 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden‘s latest gaffes regarding Russia and segregationists are “just the beginning” as the heat turns up in the race for the Democratic nomination.

During a Monday morning spot on CNN’s “New Day,” David Gregory weighed in on the former vice president’s performance in the race so far, saying that he did not believe Biden’s “readiness to run [was] on display” and that his “frontrunner strategy” did not make him look “really good right now.”

Gregory continued on to say that he did not think that this would be a “huge issue” for Biden because the former vice president’s gaffes are not “revelations” of his true character and Americans already “know who [he] is.”

“I don’t think this is a huge issue, because it’s not like these are revelations that are showing you who he is when you thought he was somebody else,” said Gregory. “I think people know who Biden is. He’s got a long career of public service as a politician and public servant.”

Watch the video here:

The CNN analyst went on to blast Biden as looking “out of touch,” “older,” and “out of step with the times” before torching the former vice president, saying he did not think “there’s any good excuse” for him not being prepared for the first round of debates especially after Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) “previewed him for it.”

“I don’t think there’s any good excuse for him not being ready for that first debate on these issues,” said Gregory. “Are you kidding? I mean, Kamala Harris previewed all this stuff. She had criticized him on this before. Now he says he was unprepared? That’s just really bad.”

Gregory then torched the former vice president for his recent comments during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo last week, where he claimed that the Russian election interference that occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign cycle that was confirmed by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report did not happen under the Obama administration’s “watch.”

“He’s like, ‘oh well the Russian interference, it didn’t happen on our watch,’ when that’s exactly whose watch it happened on,” Gregory pointed out. “It just shows and I’ve seen it first hand, when he gets in interviews and he gets going, he can make lots of mistakes. I think we may have just seen the beginning of it.”

As the 2020 Democratic primary cycle continues on, gaffes like these may come back to haunt Biden in his quest for the nomination.

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Creepy Biden’s middle name should be “Gaffe” or “Flip Flop”. He got into the race late and has been lying, flip flopping and been generally disoriented (mentally confused) or just half asleep every time he opens his pie hole. He really should take some time off and rest up; maybe come back in 2022 and continue with his race for the 2020 election. Surely he’d be #1 then as the only dimwit running.


Gregory’s correct in Biden being a careerist politician with nothing to show for it, except holding Obozo’s coat as VP. There are MANY reasons Joe is known as “the gaffe machine”. He’s just not bright AND his mouth has more brains than his entire body. He can’t control his groping urges nor his adolescent bully fantasies about dragging people behind gyms. If he’d had more brains and a spine he’d have stood at the debates and defied the Leftist free/illegal support services at taxpayer expense. Instead he went along, which lost him so much cred with moderate Dims. Joe has… Read more »





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