David Hogg Poses for Picture in NRA Hat

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

In preparation for the March for Our Lives: Road to Change bus tour, pro-gun control activist David Hogg posed for a picture while wearing a National Rifle Association (NRA) hat.

Fellow activist Cameron Kasky tweeted that the reason Hogg wore the hat is to connect with “his fellow NRA members who love the second amendment but believe in new common sense laws”:

Hogg has made it clear he wants to work with NRA members who agree with him:

According to its website, the bus tour is to also register people to vote.

“At each stop, we’ll register young people to vote and educate them on the reforms we need to save lives, and whether their local candidates and elected officials support these reforms or support the NRA,” the site noted.

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