Virginia Pastor Reveals He Faced an ‘Increased Security Risk’ After He Prayed for Trump During Service


Pastor David Platt discussed the backlash he received after praying with President Donald Trump during the Southern Baptist Convention on Sunday.

As IJR Red reported, Platt prayed for the president last Sunday. After Platt published an open letter on why he prayed for him, he received backlash from both sides.

“Little did I know that as a result of that prayer on Sunday afternoon, that letter on Sunday night, I would find myself in the middle of a social media firestorm, I would turn down numerous requests to be on national TV and I would find myself working this week amidst increased security risk,” said Platt.

Watch Platt pray for Trump below:

The pastor claimed that his letter was meant to explain to those who disagree with Trump why it was important to pray for him.

“Sunday, a week ago, I made a lot of people glad with the decision I made, and I made some other people mad. So you know what I did? I turned around Monday and I took the people who were glad and made them mad. Albeit unintentionally I successfully ensured that no one would be happy with me.”

However, he said that prompted criticism from both sides.

“I somehow managed to be labeled, in Washington, both a far-right-wing conservative and a far-left-wing liberal in less than 24 hours,” Platt said. “That is not easy to do.”

Platt continued to defend both the prayer and his letter, claiming that it’s important to reach across the aisle and interact with people that have different beliefs.

“If you don’t ever have conversations with Bible-believing Christians who have different views on politics and on positions that you hold … meekness may mean humbly expanding your listening to people who aren’t just like you,” said Platt.

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