Days After a Threatening Protest Outside McConnell’s Home, 2020 Dem Vows to Lead a ‘Caravan’ to Protest in KY

Just days after people protested outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) home, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) says he’s “fed up” and is planning to lead a “caravan” to the Republican lawmaker’s home state.

Roughly 20 to 30 people protested outside of McConnell’s home in Kentucky on Monday night — where he is working while recovering from a fractured shoulder — in criticism of the senator for not answering his office phone. They protested on issues such as gun control, LGBTQ rights, and immigration.

The protest came after the weekend left the nation rocked following mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, which killed 31 people in total.

Ryan announced Wednesday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that he’ll be leading a “caravan” on Thursday, which will end up in McConnell’s home state to pressure the senator into bringing up gun control bills for a vote in the Senate — the Senate is currently on August recess.

Watch Ryan’s interview below:

“Tomorrow, I am leading a caravan in my official capacity as a congressman, working with Moms Demand Action, to start in Youngstown and go to Akron, and Columbus, and Dayton, and Cincinnati and pick people up along the way, and we’re going to Louisville, Kentucky. And we’re going to make sure that Mitch McConnell knows that there are two pieces of legislation sitting on his desk that he needs to bring up for a vote to actually get some action.”

Ryan continued slamming McConnell, “Where are your guts?” He added that the American people are “fed up” with the Republican leader “stonewalling everything!”

“Enough, Mitch McConnell. Get off your ass, and get something done,” Ryan said. “We’re fed up.”

Ryan isn’t the only one criticizing McConnell over gun control, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) previously blasted McConnell for not taking up certain legislation, including bills on expanding background checks.

“We are not going to let Leader McConnell put the bills passed by the House into his legislative graveyard without a fight,” Schumer said. “You’re going to hear from us on this issue over and over again.”

As for Monday’s protest outside of McConnell’s home, his campaign account, “Team Mitch,” on Twitter posted the video of the “violent threats,” in which Twitter responded by locking the account, as IJR Red reported.

Correction [8/8/19, 1:50 p.m. ET]: Previously, this story inaccurately claimed that McConnell’s account was unlocked, when it is still locked by Twitter. We have corrected the error.


  1. Tim Ryan typical insane maniac representing the party of Jackass

  2. So these people are going to harass a member of the congress and they think that they are going to get away with it, Mr. McConnell might not even be home!!!! Sick and tired of the demoncrats, they can just simply go away, drop dead for all I care!!!!!

  3. One more thing, the article states that America was rocked. I don’t think so. I wasn’t rocked, none of my neighbors were rocked, no one in town seemed to be rocked. The only people that seem rocked are the journalists and news anchors that want to blow everything out of proportion and the politicians that feed off the frenzy to gain political advantage. While I feel sympathy for the victims and families, it’s time they got to grieve in privacy instead of being used by everyone that’s trying to make a buck or their career.

    1. I am confused.

      Do you mean someone like King Donald The Loser going to the El Paso hospital for a photo-op even though the hospital specifically said that they didn’t want the hospital to be used for photo-ops, and the remaining victims specifically said that they didn’t want the King to bother them? The King even released a campaign-style video of him in the hospital!

      That kind of career promotion?

  4. You know what I’m fed up with? Democrats/Liberals thinking it’s OK to be violent and attack people on a daily basis. They wonder why people go on a violent rampage. It’s because they’re tired of seeing Democrats/Liberals getting away with committing crimes with no justice. Antifa starts riots, no problem. This politician is going to gather violent groups and march through state after state to attack an injured Senator. Why is nothing being done? When are these people going to be arrested? Harassment is against the law. Why is this helm that harassed Sen Mcconnell outside his home not arrested? Democrats cause the problem and then try to blame Republicans.

  5. The day the government assures me that no bad guys have guns is the day I will laugh in their faces while cleaning my guns.

  6. How purposely ironic is Ryan’s choice of “caravan”. Guess what? His fossil-fuel burning vehicles put the lie to any “green” ideals he spouts.

    That Twitter censored McConnell for playing video of these antics show Jack’s lies and hypocrisy for what they are. There are specific death threats made against McConnell (specifically his neck).

  7. To Paul,

    Ryan is no prize-winner, but I wouldn’t call him monkey-face. I’d reserve that moniker for Chico Castro, who apparently has lost the love of his razor. At least he now stands apart from his bastard twin Julio.

  8. The hypocrisy continues. It is OK for the protesters to stand in the street, among private homes, and yell vile threats to a man, at his home. Yet, allow that man to post a video of their behavior, on social media, and it is removed because it is violent. Talk about bigotry.

  9. Paul Harvey used to say, “your rights end where my nose begins”. Free speech is important but it is not unlimited. Causing a situation at night at someone’s home is certainly “where his nose begins”. Were any arrests made? They should have been. There were specific threats made!

  10. Really on what law are they going to pass that is going to stop things like this from happening we already have massive gun laws and they were broken when these idiots did what they did so since Trump is getting the blame for ElPaso so we should blame Warren and Sanders for Ohio right no one is to blame except to the people who did it

  11. Timmy is an ass. I guess stirring up potential violence is the Dumbocrat plan, then they can blame President Trump and the GOP; and Ryan wants to be President?

  12. It is really strange that the very things the left blames Trump for they do much worse, yet no one in the news media calls them out, in fact the MSM is complicit in their rhetoric which if continued will lead to violence. Tim Ryan is just another communist wanna be.

  13. Tim Ryan, who didn’t put his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance is fed up. he doesn’t speak for me. TAKING OUR GUNS AWAY TO LEAVE AMERICANS DEFENSELESS is all this is about. the politicians will have their guns and their security guards. criminals will have their guns. how do decent Americans protect their families? oh wait, Democrats aren’t interested in us.

    1. Karen, with all due respect, I hope and pray that you do not have a family. They would be left in the hands of somebody like you with an assault weapon with on conceivable idea how to deal with it. In case you don’t know, these laws were written accouple of hundred years ago, dealing with the military. Have a great Day.

    2. Exactly that is what it is about and if you are going to take away from the American people the cops loose their and military

  14. Fortunately McConnell knows what the 2nd amendment says. He wants McConnell isn’t doing his job. Excuse me if I’m wrong but aren’t the dems wasting time investigating Trump for anything and everything.

    1. Actually, Helene, the “Dems” are not wrong for investigating Trump for, let’s see: cozying up to Putin, cozying up to North Korea and Saudia Arabia (I’m sure I’m missing others.) Helene, he is what he promised himself to be clear back when: a lying racist sexual deviant. I you support these qualities, if you have a family, please explain to them your values.

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