Dayton Mayor Plans to Tell Trump ‘How Unhelpful He’s Been’ When He Visits

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley didn’t express much appreciation for President Trump’s planned visit to her town after nine people were killed in a mass shooting over the weekend.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Whaley said that enough is not being done at the federal level to address gun violence. She added, “What do you see in D.C. — you see nothing happening on a lot of stuff, and common-sense gun reform is definitely an example where nothing’s happened.”

Another reporter asked Whaley, who is a Democrat, if she will “express these views to the president,” and if she will tell Trump “how unhelpful he’s been.” The mayor responded, “absolutely,” adding “look, if I’m telling you, I’m going to tell him.”

Asked what she will say to Trump, Whaley said, “How unhelpful he’s been on this. Yesterday, his comments weren’t very helpful to the issue around guns.”

She also told reporters on Tuesday “I’m disappointed with his remarks. He mentioned gun issues one time. I think watching the president over the last few years on the issue of guns — I’m not sure he knows what he believes.”

Watch the video below, via ABC News:

This isn’t the first time that Whaley has taken a shot at Trump. She was also asked about Trump’s visit on Monday after he delivered a speech to the nation from the White House.

She said that she didn’t know when Trump would be visiting Dayton, adding “I’ve heard that he’s coming on Wednesday, but I’ve not gotten a call.” The Ohio mayor quipped, “he might be going to Toledo, I don’t know” — President Trump incorrectly said in his speech that the shooting happened in Toledo rather than Dayton.

President Trump didn’t offer any hard solutions after the shootings last weekend. However, he did note on Twitter on Tuesday morning that “President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign.”

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To James,

Motive and opportunity. Mass murderers are sloppy and indiscriminate. They take lives that do not need taking, which also reveals their own internal sloppiness and disordered thinking/mental illness.

Seriously, if there were one or a few you wanted to remove, why would you spray a random crowd? It’s stupid and disordered.


Of course Whaley, a Dim, will reflexively grasp for guns as a cause. It furthers the Dim agenda. Both the El Paso and Dayton shooters were Leftists. One, at least, was anti-immigrant. They were also angry, bitter, and alienated losers. Rather than address the issues that create monsters like these, including social media, blame it on the guns. Blame Trump, not the messages of divisiveness sold by the Dims and MSM. Also #44. NOT welcoming the president as a healing, unifying message only adds to the divisiveness. full disclosure: I own many, many guns (losing my original collection in a… Read more »


We have no found out that BOTH of the recent shooters were left wing nut jobs. The Dayton killer was a Pocahontas supporter affiliated with Antifa. The El Paso loser wrote extensively in his manifesto about environmental damage and reducing the population to be more sustainable. Below is quoted from his manifesto. Does that sound a bit more like Beto, Warren and AOC than Trump? Yeah, it very much does. “The American lifestyle affords our citizens an incredible quality of life. However, our lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country. The decimation of the environment is creating a massive… Read more »

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