De Blasio Gets Grilled by Hannity Over Americans Right to Own Guns: ‘You’re Not Answering’

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio (D-N-Y) found himself under fire by Fox News’ Sean Hannity as the two clashed in a heated debate over gun control.

De Blasio was pressed during Wednesday’s “Hannity” interview if every American should have the ability to defend themselves with a gun against an invader in their home. He answered, “I believe what’s wrong in this country is not that people have rights around guns; it’s that there are no gun safety measures like background checks.”

When pushed back that there are background checks, de Blasio, the New York City mayor, said that there aren’t “sufficient” background checks.

“My question is simple: If they are mentally stable — if they have the background check and they don’t have a criminal background or a mental illness problem — do average people, should they have the same safety you have?” Hannity asked. “If somebody breaks into their house, would you respect their right to have a firearm in their house?”

De Blasio said that he believes “everyone deserves to be safe,” but “the answer is not for everyone to have a firearm.”

“Do they have a right to their gun? Yes or no?” Hannity later pushed again, which de Blasio responded, “I’ve answered you.” Hannity pushed back, “You’re not answering.”

Watch the video below:

DE BLASIO: I ain’t buying what you are selling.
HANNITY: So the answer is no but you’re afraid to say it.
DE BLASIO: My answer is my answer. You don’t get to tell other people what their answer is.
HANNITY: Should new yorkers have a right to a gun in their house?
DE BLASIO: The question here is how do we make people safe.
HANNITY: That is not the question.

The 2020 Democratic hopeful is currently polling under 1 percent, at 0.3%.

There’s been a recent push for more gun control since the two mass shootings last weekend in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, killed 31 people. Since the shooting, 214 mayors are now calling on the Senate to return from August recess to vote on gun control bills previously passed by the Democratically-controlled House.

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