De Blasio Announces Guaranteed Health Care Coverage for Anyone Not on Medicaid — His Math Is Laughable


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that the city would be providing all residents with health care.

NYC Care, de Blasio’s new program, will provide coverage to the New Yorkers who are currently using the emergency room as their sole health care provider. According to NBC New York, this coverage would include any NYC resident who doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, including undocumented residents of the city.

The city claims that this is not an insurance program; it already has a public option. Eric Phillips, de Blasio’s spokesman, claimed this program is for direct coverage.

NBC New York reported that the city will pay for the direct coverage of around 600,000 people in total.

“The programs will include customer-friendly call lines to help New Yorkers — regardless of their insurance — make appointments with general practitioners, cardiologists, pediatricians, gynecologists and a full spectrum of health care services,” de Blasio’s office claimed in a release.

While some have expressed concerns about the decision to pay for the care of undocumented residents, many couldn’t move past the improbable math provided by the city in its explanation about how it will pay for the coverage.

Here are the facts de Blasio’s office provided in its NYC Care announcement:

  • There will be no tax increases to pay for this plan.
  • Approximately 600,000 New Yorkers will qualify for this direct coverage, including 300,000 undocumented residents.
  • The entire program will only cost the city $100 million.

That means that those 600,000 New Yorkers’ medical care would cost an average of just $167 per person, a laughably low estimate at the cost of a medical care visit.

Several Twitter users caught this detail and called de Blasio’s team out for the questionable math. Some even claimed that this decision could plunge the city into “financial ruin.”

It is important to note that the city admitted not everyone will receive fully “free” coverage. The total costs may just be subsidized by the city if the individual is deemed to be someone who can afford to contribute to the cost.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, de Blasio responded to critics by saying that the city will save so much money from people not choosing to go to the emergency room and that NYC Care will be sustainable without any tax increases or a massive increase to the debt burden.

NYC Care will not be fully implemented until 2021.

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When Trump is done building the Southern wall he needs to build 2 more, one around the state of NY and the other around CA to keep the lunatics who vote commies into office in their states from infesting other states.


We should applaud DiBlasio and his Dim colleague CA Gov. Newsom who intends to expand “FREE” Medi-Cal coverage to ANY illegals under 26.

It will not only make both locations a magnet for illegals, but confine them there in order to receive free medical care.

No word from Newsom whether CITIZENS under 26 will receive coverage.


Here’s something DiBlasio didn’t consider: (among costs) What’s to stop people from all over the country or world from coming to NYC just for the “free” medical care?

If illegals, err, undocumented immigrants are eligible, then how can he either prove their residency or income?


I’ll take “deluded Lefties who can’t do math” for the Daily Double.

Maybe DiBlabbermouth is greasing the skids for a presidential run?

Rocky Drummond

“de Blasio responded to critics by saying that the city will save so much money from people not choosing to go to the emergency room”

What is this number? How much?


What an illusion?





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