Dem LA Governor Breaks From Party, Cues Support for State Heartbeat Bill: ‘My Position Hasn’t Changed’

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JUNE 30: Governor John Bel Edwards speaks onstage at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival presented by Coca-Cola at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on June 30, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival )

The Democratic governor of Louisiana signaled that he would support a pro-life heartbeat bill making its way through the state legislature where he once served, breaking from his party as more states adopt stricter abortion laws, CNN reported Saturday.

During a press conference, Governor John Bel Edwards (D-La.) cued that he would support the pro-life bill — Senate Bill 184 — going through the state legislature, breaking from his party and saying that he would stay “consistent” with his previous pro-life stances.

“My position hasn’t changed. In eight years in the Legislature, I was a pro-life legislator. When I ran for governor, I said that I was pro-life. And so that’s something that’s consistent.”

He also stated that he believed that the “people of Louisiana are overwhelmingly pro-life.”

Edwards’s spokeswoman, Christina Stephens, confirmed to CNN that the governor was “inclined” to sign the bill should it come to his desk.

“He’s said he’s inclined to sign it,” said Stephens. “Certainly, he wants to see the final bill first. This is very much in line with his previous pro-life votes and actions.”

The bill would make abortions illegal once a heartbeat is detected in an unborn child and is similar to the measures passed in Ohio, Missouri, and a few other states. It passed the Louisiana state House of Representatives and Senate committees with bipartisan support on Wednesday.

If the law were enacted, doctors who perform the procedures would face jail time of up to two years or $1,000.

The legislation provides exemptions to stop the death of the mother or “serious risk of the substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.”

On Friday, the lower chamber of the Missouri state legislature passed a pro-life bill that would make getting abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy illegal. The measure comes after the Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) signed into law the most restrictive abortion legislation in the U.S.

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  1. Will today’s Democrats execute him, excommunicate him, or just ostracize him?

  2. I am pro life too and I agree with the pro life bill

  3. I being from Louisiana like the story but lets not celebrate just yet, old John Bell is up for reelection next year, so I think you can draw your own conclusion as to why he is taking this stand.

  4. Wow, Dem with a conscience, a heart, and a willingness to stand up to his own party. THANK YOU!!

  5. Doctors listen to see if your heart still beats when you are close to dying. In utero you become a person when your little heart starts to beat. Before that time it is cells dividing. It’s as pretty clear argument for when life begins.

    1. They also check for a level of brain activity. The heart is hardly the final indicator of life.

      1. It is the initial indicator of life though. You leftists are a joke. You’ll stand and scream all day about someone killing frog eggs but killing a human baby past the egg stage is just fine.
        Not sure how much grey matter it requres to be that ignorant of life.

        1. I can assure you, I’ve never screamed about frog eggs or any animal.

          The grey area is already there – you just pretend it isn’t. I can be considered dead if i have no brain activity, even if i have a healthy heartbeat and even breathing.

  6. Well, this man of principle over politics will likely not be re-elected.

  7. I support abortion but these demorats are going to the extreme only cause they hate trump. Where was this outrage for Obama who really did set our country back? Next demorat who takes the wh will suffer this very fate nor will we obey him/her.

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