Dem. Rep. Offers Job to McCabe After Suggestion One-Week Job Could Save His Pension

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) offered former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a position after a supporter suggested a new government job could save his pension.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on Friday, just days before his planned resignation and 50th birthday. The timing of his firing called into question aspects of his pension, which he may no longer be eligible to receive.

NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell tweeted that one of the deputy director’s supporters suggested if a “friendly” congressional member hired McCabe for one week, it’s possible he’d qualify for his pension benefits.

In response, Pocan retweeted Mitchell’s comment and told McCabe to call him:

“I could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in Washington, D.C.,” he added.

Pocan explained in a news release that he extended an offer of employment to McCabe “so that he can reach the needed length of service.”

Leigh Vogel/Getty

“My offer of employment to Mr. McCabe is a legitimate offer to work on election security. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of American democracy and both Republicans and Democrats should be concerned about election integrity,” Pocan said.

He added that McCabe’s firing signals that Trump is doing “everything he can to discredit the FBI and undermine the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

Pocan declared that McCabe deserves the full retirement he was “promised” and shouldn’t have it taken away from him because of Trump’s “political games.”