Dem Rep Slams Trump for Meeting With Kanye After Massive Hurricane Devastates Florida

Donald Trump, Kanye West
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Prison reform, American industry, and alternate universes were just some of the topics covered by rapper Kanye West in meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday.

California Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier called West’s rant in the Oval Office, “A combination of stream of consciousness — I felt like I was sitting in on a psychiatric visit — and a commercial for Donald Trump.”

Most of her criticism was directed toward the president himself, who hosted the meeting while Hurricane Michael cut through Florida and headed toward Georgia.

“I would suggest that the president maybe curtail these kinds of engagements,” she said on CNN Thursday. “Meanwhile, we have ten to 13 billion dollars worth of damage to the various places in the panhandle in Florida and meanwhile the president is being entertained by Kanye West and other celebrities. It’s a wrong picture.”

Hurricane Michael has reportedly already caused the deaths of two people and resulted in over 700,000 homes without power.

Speier told CNN that she thought Trump’s meeting with a celebrity during the storm “really speaks to his lack of leadership, his lack of empathy, his lack of recognition of what the priority should be in this country.”


The filmed interaction between West and Trump was mostly the rapper speaking and the president sitting back silently, allowing West’s thoughts to flow out loud.

West wore a Make America Great Again hat during his tirade and ended the meeting by embracing Trump in his office chair.

Watch the entire interaction between Trump and West in the Oval Office:


Trump seemed slightly taken back by West’s rant: “It was quite something,” he remarked.

The unusual pair dined together after the Oval Office meeting, where the White House said they were to discuss prison reform, jobs for African-Americans and Chicago violence.

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  1. Wow.! Where was the outrage at common’s and james taylor’s 5 visits to obummer’s WH? Or, john legend’s 4? obummer’s list is a hundred times longer than Trump’s.

    • Were those meetings during a national disaster that the President could have been paying attention to? Did those guests ramble and drop the F bomb during a televised meeting? It’s not the guest….it’s the timing and the content.

  2. Disgusting. Kanye West in the Oval Office. People in Florida are suffering and trump is hugging West. Bet he took a shower.

  3. That was the strangest 20 minute video I’ve ever watched. In any case, i can admire him wanting to help the city of Chicago. The place can’t get much worse so good luck in your endeavors.

  4. SMDH
    Doesn’t Trump realize he was supposed to be in Florida physically stopping the hurricane from occurring. As everyone knows he already uses the weather machine Bush43 left him to purposefully devastate communities of color.

  5. Uhhh… so what exactly did they expect Pres. Trump to do? Sit in front of a screen and watch the hurricane? He’s already ordered support for the southern US. It’s not like the storm will change if he’s watching it on a screen. I’m sure his aides were monitoring the storm and updating him. But to say that he can’t do other things while a storm is happening is absolutely ridiculous!

  6. If the party in power was switched and the same conditions applied, then the same complaint would be launched, only louder, by more politicians and more media hours, and for the next ten years, at least.

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