Dem Senator Flies All the Way Back From Hawaii to Vote No on Trump’s ‘Stupid Wall’

Brian Schatz

Around this time of year, most members of Congress are home for the holidays and spending time with their families. This year, with President Donald Trump threatening a government shutdown, some Congress members are forced to choose between family time and a key vote on funding.

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) flew to his island home state, only to turn around and fly right back to Washington after hearing a vote would be held to allow funding for Trump’s border wall or not.

The senator documented the turnaround journey on Twitter.

Schatz said he got to spend 17 minutes with his family before turning around.

He regretfully left his sunny home for D.C., but Schatz has been a long-time critic of Trump and the border wall.

In a final blow to Trump, saying he was back to “vote no on this stupid wall.”

He then retweeted a post pointing out that government workers won’t be getting a paycheck for the holidays if there’s a shutdown.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also went after Trump for threatening a shutdown during the holiday season.

“Maybe @realDonaldTrump and @HouseGOP can’t imagine living paycheck to paycheck like most Americans,” Pelosi tweeted Friday. “But the #TrumpShutdown will force nearly 800k federal employees to go without pay – right in the middle of the holidays.”

The president told reporters that the “chances are probably very good” for a shutdown.

Trump tried to turn the blame of a shutdown on Democrats, even though Republicans hold control of both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Earlier this week, as IJR Blue previously reported, Trump said that he would take ownership of the shutdown and would be “proud” to do so.


  1. I hope that as a taxpayer I did not have to pay for his plane rides.

  2. Two years of ineptitude will progress to recession and high debt.

  3. Hopefully you run out of fuel half way back you dumb Ass jerk

  4. You ignorant ass people have forgotten one thing we the people you dumbasses,we the people could care less how you feel about our president and a damn wall to protect us you bunch of the most ignorant pussies on if you bums want a war with the people hey you useless pieces of shit it’s here,we re going to get our border wall if it means burying you under our big beautiful wall you bunch of spineless no ass ,now be sure and notify all your important members and
    your friends and famIly.

  5. Why are all the congress people from HI blathering idiots? The first one I remember was a ww2 vet, but still a democratic crying,miserable fool. Has HI ever elected a conservative to a federal office?

    1. WW2 veteran that was “a crying miserable fool”–are you not special & ungrateful for Sen Inouya’s sacrifice? Perhaps Sen. Schatz would prefer to see US taxpayer dollars spent on more effective measure than a 17th century solution—welcome to the 21st century. And yes, Hawaii had one Republican US Senator–but none since 1977.

      1. Qin dynasty wall was built BC. 17th century solution? You must be referring to the wall of Wall street.

  6. You Demonrats approved billions to Iran, our enemy, who chants “Death to America” daily & funds terrorism. But you can’t approve a lesser amount to keep our borders safe because you figure these ILLEGAL migrants, many of whom are low life criminals & freeloaders, will VOTE DEMONRAT! How anti American you leftists are!

    1. You can not be as obtuse as your post leads anyone to believe. Millions of illegal voters cast ballots and are so smart that zero have been caught even in the reddest of red states??? When you get fed talking points, at least consider if a 12 year old would believe it before you repeat them.

      1. Granted the specter of illegal voting is more of a bogeyman than an actual threat but the reality is many of these illegals are violent criminals. Even you must concede that as a country we have every right to screen and reject prospective immigrants and asylum seekers or would you rather we seek to retain the cream of the crap over those who are actual viable crop.

        1. We are both reasonable people. I am guessing you know me well enough to know I am strongly in favor of screening prospective immigrants & asylum seekers. In today’s world, I am in favor of screening everyone from the passengers on planes to the food inspectors to healthcare employees. Yes, we want the cream of the crop for technology but you and I both realize the agricultural business keeps our food prices lower using unskilled labor at below minimum wages. Merry Christmas, Morte.

        2. How can you say that illegal voting isn’t a threat? Nearly, or maybe every, state refused to provide information on voters, which was publicly available information. Many states require no proof of ID / residency to vote. At least one state registers a person to vote when they get a DL. One state openly allows illegal aliens to vote in local elections. That is a damn lot of circumstantial evidence that there is a lot of illegal voting going on.

  7. “Maybe @realDonaldTrump and @HouseGOP can’t imagine living paycheck to paycheck like most Americans”, laughable coming from Uber-rich Pelosi who also doesn’t know how it feels to live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe it was property tax time on her cliff side condo in Kauai and she was counting on that to pay the taxes. Or is the house exempt from the shutdown? Her way of saying sorry/not sorry.

    1. You thought it was Nancy Pelosi that proclaimed she “would be proud to shutdown the government”? Sorry, that was POTUS Trump.

      1. I never said that at all. Are you confusing my post with someone else? I was laughing at her attempt to appear like the “normal” guy, or that she can relate. She’s an extremely wealthy politician selling her faux concern for those who do live paycheck to paycheck. That faux concern is what keeps getting her re-elected, yet CA just gets worse and worse.

  8. The blame is on Dems. You have to make a stand. Shame for the people who suffer but I pay for your pay check with my taxes and I want a wall so shut it down. What we should do is just take congress’s money to pay the others

    1. I think it’s time for fumigation we’ve needed to thin the useless dumbocrats for quite some time then we can replace them with more migrants the bunch of dumbasses,it would please me lots if all of a sudden the trash would suddenly vanish as per say pelussy and shoomer with his family dollar bifocalson his nasty forehead ,makes these 2 alcoholics look more like real street drinks that they are

  9. And you want someone to feel sorry that he came back. As I see it, he left early for an extended vacation at home before the current year session was over. Plus he’s just doing it to be anti-Trump, as the border wall doesn’t affect Hawaii, being an island state.

    1. Maybe his plane will suddenly crash in the water problem solved

    2. It is almost 2019. WHY would a US Senator’s lack of support for a 17th century solution in the 21st century be based on his lack of approval of Trump? Yes, it was bad judgement to believe Trump’s word on signing the Senate bill passed unanimously. You can say many things about Trump, but a deal maker is not one of them.

  10. Hey, Pelosi…just fund the “stupid wall” and everyone can get their paychecks. $5 billion is “crumbs” to you, anyway!

  11. What do you want to bet this idiot lives in a gated community?

  12. why did you leave in the first place. so now the taxpayers pay for another “stupid” ticket for you to fly back. thanks

  13. This whiner has the third highest absentee rate in the Senate. I feel so bad for him and would love to let him know face to face on how bad I feel for him.

  14. Lizzie, quit with the “even though Republicans hold control of both houses of Congress and the presidency” BS. Educate yourself and realize it takes 60 votes in the Senate to end a filibuster, not a simple majority. I am truly amazed by how many people DON’T know that or how many people do know that and lie about it anyway.

    1. These dumb people were educated in public schools. That tells you all you need to know.

      1. If you think the public school system needs help, then help to ensure they get the proper amount of funding and support that they need to do a better job.

        1. If the wall was funded, just the savings in what all the illegals receive from our government and services would create BILLIONS more that can be spent on schools!

        2. Your comment shows your total ignorance of the public school shortcomings in this country. WHAT are YOUR suggestions? You, personally, have shown your support to continue to funnel 25 billion into supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country instead of spending 5 billion to help stop the flow. Give us your solutions, Mr. EXPERT. I really don’t expect a response, at least one that makes sense.

          1. I told you 2 posts above – fully fund and support the school systems & before you start complaining about costs for doing that, try the cost of ignorance.

            L.A. is sitting on a billion $ that they won’t spend. Teachers have to work 2 jobs or strike for a pay raise. Schools don’t even get heated. Water is full of lead, textbooks are way out of date and falling apart, there are 35, 45, even 50 students in a classroom, which is crazy. We used to have a top notch school system.

          2. Let’s just look at the teachers plight.The LOWEST paying state is OK at a mean of $42,460. I’m a single father who raised 2 children living in california on less than that.The highest is AK at $82,020. Just for fun, cali comes in at $74,940 and their teachers start at just under $40,000.
            And look at all the paid time off they get every year. I think it’s time the teachers stop crying about their wages.

          3. You also make it sound like the other problems you mention are widespread when, in fact, they are not. You don’t think that some of the 25 BILLION can help these problems?

      2. Jack, I was educated in the public schools as a child. Back then I had educators who instilled in us the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic as well as History and Government and how it works as well as the importance of getting good grades. I consider myself fortunate to have had those educators. I’m sure that many of them are rolling in their graves at how the public school system is being run now.

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