Democrat Senator Already Rules out Voting for Bernie Sanders If He Wins the Nomination

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Wednesday that he would not vote for presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) if he wins the nomination.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asked Manchin about Sanders’ claim that he would support democratic socialist’s Medicare-for-All plan, which the West Virginia senator flatly denied, “Absolutely not.”

When Cavuto asked Manchin who he would vote for in the presidential election if he had to choose between President Donald Trump or Sanders, he said, “Well, it wouldn’t Bernie,” but refused to say if he would vote for Trump:

“It wouldn’t be Bernie… let’s just say, I’m going to make decisions based on what’s best for my country and my state.”

Watch his comments below:

Manchin praised Sanders for bringing different ideas to the table that get “the blood going and stirring” but said he couldn’t support them because “they’re not practical where I come from”:

“Bernie and I have had many conversations. Bernie brings a lot, makes you think a little bit. Gets the blood going and stirring, but it’s not practical where I come from. Bernie says, Medicare for all. I said, ‘Bernie, we can’t pay for Medicare for some. Right now, the trust fund will go broke in 2026. These are people that paid into it and earned it. You want to expand it? What happens?’ Doesn’t make sense all at.”

On Tuesday, CNBC’s John Harwood asked Sanders if he could convince moderate Democrats, specifically Manchin, to support his Medicare-for-All proposal, Sanders was very optimistic:

“Yeah. Damn right, they will. You know why? We’re going to go to West Virginia.”

Sanders said as president he would travel to the home states of senators who don’t support his agenda to rally voters in an effort to pressure those senators to vote for his policies.

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General Confusion

“Especially since campaign funds are drying up so quickly.” Cherl

WHOSE campaign funds are drying up quickly? Joe Manchurian Candidate’s? I hope so!

“Finally a Democrat with almost a backbone.” Cherl

Joe Manchurian Candidate? You’ve got to be joking! He is corrupt as they come. Joe hasn’t found his backbone since he got elected. He votes with King Donald The Loser so frequently that he is a solid bluedog. He needs to be primaried by a strong progressive candidate who will vote to protect and support the constituents in West Virginia. That’s who THEY want.

General Confusion

You are confused, Craig. Where do you guys come up with these ideas?

In 2016, Bernie got very close to 50% MORE votes than Hillary Clinton did.

West Virginians LOVE Bernie!

Candidate Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Paul T. Farrell Jr.
Home state Vermont New York West Virginia
Delegate count 18 11 0
Popular vote 124,700 86,914 21,694
Percentage 51.41% 35.84% 8.94%


Finally a Democrat with almost a backbone. Nancy, Schiff face and Nadler will be so disgusted. There isn’t much of a choice though. Especially since campaign funds are drying up so quickly.


If Bernie goes to west Virginia, they’ll be drawing lots to see who gets to shoot him.


If he feels that way then there isn’t a Dem he can vote for. The one or two that don’t believe in taking free market healthcare away from us all will never make it to the top. Warren is as bad as Sanders. They are peas in a pod.


>Always Confused<

Sorry, but I cannot stop LMAO at your latest BS – "My down votes are up votes because of IJR (paraphrased)". HOW ignorant one must be to come up with such stupidity – except those who are Socialists following in lockstep You really need to get an education, sonny.



GC: if whatever you are being medicated with is organic and legal I need to meet your provider.


“ if he had to choose between President Donald Trump or Sanders, he said, “Well, it wouldn’t (sic) Bernie,”. I think we’re all smart enough to know that’s how we got President Trump. A too flawed opponent. I’m shocked but not surprised that the Dems haven’t figured that out yet. Keep pushing outrageous, socialist Bernie, he guarantees Trump another term.





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