With Time Running Out, Democrat Booker to Make All-Out Push for Debate Stage

Democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker’s campaign will mount an all-out effort to boost his anemic poll numbers in a attempt to qualify for the December debate, his campaign manager said in a memo to the U.S. senator’s supporters on Tuesday.

“We are reorienting our entire campaign apparatus into a persuasion effort to… reach the voters we need to meet the polling threshold,” Addisu Demissie wrote.

The national Democratic Party set higher standards for December’s sixth debate, asking candidates to reach 200,000 individual donors and either 6% ranking in two early-state polls or 4% in four national or early-state polls.

Thus far, only six contenders out of the field of 18 candidates have qualified, after 10 did so for last week’s debate in Atlanta.

Making the debate stage will be a tall order for Booker, who has not hit 4% in a qualifying poll in months, even as he has earned praise for impressive debate performances and eloquent speeches.

His campaign, which has started selling “Underdog” sweatshirts, has argued that plenty of voters are still open to persuasion, citing polls that show many Democrats have yet to commit wholeheartedly to any candidate.

“Voters continue to tell us – and public and private polling data confirms – that the race is wide open for a candidate to make a surge in the final months before voting begins,” Demissie wrote.

The new emphasis includes the campaign’s first paid radio and digital advertising. The campaign also said it would reorient its early state organizing operation to focus on targeting voters for persuasion.

In Iowa and New Hampshire, which hold the first two nominating contests in February, Democratic insiders have often expressed bewilderment at Booker’s low-single-digit polling.

He has collected a long list of endorsements in both states from elected officials, and party leaders say his senior staffs in both states rank among the strongest.

Booker has long been viewed as potential presidential material, starting more than a decade ago when he was mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

In part, he has been a victim of the sheer size of the field, with top candidates like U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden garnering the media’s attention.

Some Democrats have also wondered whether Booker’s message of empathy and love is the right approach for taking on the pugnacious President Donald Trump.

“I’m genuinely not sure,” Kris Schultz, a liberal New Hampshire lawmaker, said last month when asked why Booker has not done better. She noted that his speech at the state Democratic convention left many in the audience tearing up.

“I’m certain of this: he’s a lot of folks’ second choice,” added Schultz, who has since endorsed Warren.

Booker raised more than $1 million in the days following last week’s debate, which Demissie said showed his support is rising.

(Reporting by Joseph Ax; Editing by Dan Grebler)


  1. Give it a rest, Confused James.

    You aren’t convincing anyone but yourself.

  2. “Six polls now show Black support for Trump has risen to between 16% and 34.5%.” Confused James

    One of those polls was a royal favorite – Rasmussen – who gave His Majesty the high number. Not a reliable polling company by any stretch of the imagination.

    Reality is a bit different. Year-on-year polling numbers for King Donald The Loser are remarkably stable at 40%, 41% & 41% approval overall (Gallup). Therefore you would expect that approval from any random segment of his support would also have to be pretty stable and, among blacks, has risen from 8% in 2016, to about 10% today. That’s still a far cry from your confusing 16-34.5% and always will be.

    This should tell you two things, if your mind can handle it. One – KDTL isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Two – KDTL isn’t going to break any records relying on black voters nor should anyone EXPECT that to happen.

    1. IF you were to pull your head out of the sand (or somewhere darker), you might read I said there were SIX different polls which reported Blacks were now supporting Trump from 16% to 34.5%; UP from the 8% he received in the 2016 election. Trump is, of course, the ONLY President in recent history – including your beloved, lying Kenyan Marxist – who views ALL Americans in the same light. Trump has helped the Black and Hispanic populations MORE than ANY President in recent history. The records of lower employment, higher income and fewer people on food stamps support that regardless of how the low flying monkeys in the MSM and your Commie handlers propagandize the data. YOU need to wake up and pay attention to the FACTS as distasteful as they may be to comprehend.

  3. Shmucktacus needs to start touting his few and minor accomplishments, primarily as Newark mayor. The independents and others are tired of false promises.

    There’s no arguing that Newark is larger, more diverse, and troubled than South Bend. He should tout his successes in adding more police to the city streets, reducing violent crime, expanding public parks, improving access to public transportation and attracting new businesses to the area and creating jobs.

    Those are REAL and measurable BENEFITS, not just taxation for the beliefs and benefit of others. People are tired of paying for shit that they neither benefit from nor see any REAL and positive changes.

  4. Maybe Booker should check the latest polls to see the decline in the support for the DemocRATs. In 2016, Trump garnered 8% of the Black vote. Six polls now show Black support for Trump has risen to between 16% and 34.5%. Obviously, the Black population has awakened to the realization they were only used for votes by the DemocRATic Party and given nothing in return. Under Trump, the Black employment numbers have set new record lows as well as with the Hispanics, women and teenagers. The DemocRATs may as well pack up their hate and go home.

  5. What does it take for Booker to realize he is NOT going to be President? Democrats are the master of convincing themselves that everyone wants to hear their outrageous political promises. Now paying for them…..???

    1. Cherl is confused.

      Even when someone explains how liberal plans would be funded, she ignores this information as if it doesn’t exist.

  6. Spartacus for President? Hahahaha! Why do so many of these Dems have crazy eyes? Calling half the country deplorable people, then expecting them to vote for you? Having scary, crazy eyes, looking desperate? Having a platform of vote for me because I’m not Trump? Who is advising these candidates?

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