Democrat Harris Would Offer Six Months of Paid Family Leave

Democratic Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris would provide Americans with up to six months of paid family leave to bond with a new child or to take care of other personal or family medical issues, her campaign said on Monday.

The proposal is part of a broad “Children’s Agenda” set to be released by Harris at an appearance at an elementary school in Iowa on Monday.

U.S. workers have the right under current law to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for new babies or help ill family members, but Harris’ plan would enlarge those protections, providing paid leave and guaranteeing it for a wider variety of situations.

Under her plan, workers could receive paid leave to care for medical and non-medical needs when a child or dependent has been a victim of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking. It defines as family members not just children but parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws and “chosen family,” people who may not be related by blood but consider themselves to be family nonetheless.

Harris’s plan would be paid for with a combination of payroll contributions by employers and employees, as well as the proceeds of fines levied on corporations for paying women less than men or ethnic minorities less than white employees, according to the proposal. Additional funds would come from tax increases on the top 1% of earners and on corporations, her campaign said.

(Reporting by Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento, California; editing by Richard Pullin)


  1. Oh yes, let’s give employees a raise and then give them 6 months off with pay. More of the Democrat’s attempt to destroy America. More jobs would exit the US, resulting in less revenue and the government wouldn’t be able to pay for anything. Of course, they would also want free healthcare and college with no money to pay for it. Democrats are psychos, unfit for any job or office. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  2. Horizontal Harris like a Demo-?’s love vote buying no matter what it is they want to GIVE you for your vote.

  3. Just because its offered doesn’t mean it would be taken. I took 6 weeks and by the end of that time I was bored out of my mind and thankful to be back to work.

    The only reason I would really be supportive of this is because daycare costs during that first 6 months are freaking insane. It would be better served to help address instead that so parents can work.

    1. Democrats are trying to destroy America. Jobs lost, companies bankrupt, lost revenue for the government. More of the socialist dream of failure. Shun the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats!!

  4. It should be against the law for candidates to use taxpayer money to buy votes.

  5. And she will destroy the businesses and bankrupt this country.

  6. She is straight up outside her mind. Bye bye small businesses. Is there a limit on the incidents? Pregnancy and then Susie got harassed by bullies at school (how do you prove this) and needs 6 months of care? I’m off for a year- paid! Let’s go to Disneyland. I assume health benefits continue.

  7. This reminds me of what happened to me at the local Medicaid office 22 years ago. I had recently moved to Seattle and had not yet secured a full time job with medical benefits when I was diagnosed with a severe case of ITP. After receiving a transfused medication that was so new on the market that it cost approximately 19k for one small bag no larger than my palm and about half as thick I was handed an ER bill and told to go to the local social services off ice and apply for Medicaid assistance.
    The next morning I was there before the office even opened. I was the first in line and was attended to by a social worker who politely informed me that even though I had Type 1 diabetes, was diagnosed bipolar and had this incredibly expensive bill in hand I did not qualify for help as I had made approximately $100 too much the previous year unless of course I was pregnant. If I got pregnant I could have every program DSS of Washington offered: cash, food stamps, housing, medical and whatever else the social worker could find.

    She did not appreciate my response : Seeing as how I have lived in Seattle for less than a month and know not a soul except my girlfriend and her mother am I supposed to go knock on my new neighbors door and politely ask for a cup of sperm.

    Thankfully two weeks later I got a job with full bennies.

  8. So a employee takes a 6 month leave from any position in any certain business. The business, perhaps a SMALL BUSINESS cannot properly function without that particular position filled. So they hire another employee to fulfill that position allowing the Company to properly function as a business. The 6 month leave is over and the employee returns to the Employer, only to find out the position has be filled. They do not need 2 people to do a 1 person job, and offer the returning employee a open, yet lesser position. Which MAY be of a lesser pay scale. Or perhaps the small business doesn’t have positions open at all? Then what? Is their going to be some Law dictating the Employer must take the employee back? Is a business expected to put itself in a holding pattern for 6 months and wait for the employee (who MAY have found a way to work the system perhaps) to return. Or maybe just fail completely and shut-down completely? This also consequently exposes his/her fellow employees for unemployment or worse job loss because of one individual wanting a 6 month sabbatical?

    Sounds thought through and a very good plan……..NOT!!!! (sarc.)

  9. That’s it? 6 months ? Not 10 months?for a full year ?
    She needs to come up with more expensive things if she is gonna appeal to the left. Perhaps 6 weeks for everyone in the world – at taxpayer expense.
    She is BRILLIANT! Have people do less and get more from the G so they are obligated to the G so the G can manipulate Them!
    She needs to remember there are only a few spots at the top in socialism and she may not be there long. It is cold in nome Alaska where I am sure Bernie and Warren will send people after re-education camps are established

  10. Looks like there are two choices for the Dimms and winning this election is not going to high on the list of possibilities.
    We the people are not going to accept higher taxes this soon after getting a little relief from the Obama debacle.
    So the Dimms need to just accept that Trump will win again and they can blame this on how Obama ran his administration.

  11. I’d like Sen. Harris to FIRST demonstrate her sincerity by granting six-months family-leave to her own staff. After all it IS her business AND that will be impacted.

    It’s a sure bet IF she did she’d be crowing about it. But she does not and can not.

    Why does the Left always support policies they themselves do not practice? q.v. my frequent question why none of the candidates pushing Medicare/Medicaid for All are on it themselves.

  12. My father used to say that a liberal is someone who is liberal with other people’s money. Sounds right to me.

  13. Dem o craps are free with other people’s money. Employers cannot afford to pay for these 6- month absences.

  14. Harris is trying much too hard to boost her percentages. This is absurd. But then liberals are always looking for an alternative to working. Having babies might be the answer……if you have a job that is.

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