Democrat Jaime Harrison Announces Exploratory Committee to Run Against Lindsey Graham

Jaime Harrison, Lindsey Graham
Screenshot/Youtube Jaime Harrison, Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham will face a challenge in 2020 as Democrat Jaime Harrison launched a presidential-like announcement that he is seeking to challenge the GOP star for his South Carolina Senate seat.

The current Democratic National Committee associate chair and counselor shared an ad Friday that showed the candidate’s South Carolina story and attacked Sen. Graham.

“Today, I’m announcing that I’m forming an exploratory committee to run for United States Senate and in the coming months I’ll be traveling to every corner of our state meeting with you, listening to you and, most importantly, leaning form you,” Harrison says in the ad.

“Look, the leaders we send to Washinton are supposed to help folks back home, that’s the job. But what’s Lindsey Graham done for you? Our hospitals are closing, our roads are crumbling, our young people are saddled by a mountain of debt. I know we can do better and if my life has taught me anything, it’s that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of hope anything is possible.”

Watch the announcement below:

Harrison first announced his campaign at an event for the popular political podcast Pod Save America Thursday night.

“It is time for Lindsey Graham to come home,” Harrison told the cheering crowd.

The Democrat said that there are problems in his state, such as poor water quality and closing rural hospitals, that the current senator is ignoring.

“You know what our senator writes about? It is the manner in which Roger Stone was arrested,” Harrison said. “You know what our senator cares about? It’s his tea time with Donald Trump.”

“It’s time here in South Carolina that we send someone to Washinton D.C. that is looking at making sure that the doors of opportunity and the doors of hope is still a part of the American dream, and it’s vibrant right here in South Carolina.”

Watch the video below:

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