Democrat Manchin Backs Trump’s Tough Trade Policy, Says China Does Not Intend for ‘America to Succeed’

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) explained why he backs President Donald Trump‘s tough trade negotiations with China, despite the economic uncertainty.

Since taking office, President Trump has been playing hardball with China, hoping to negotiate fair trade deals and enforce international laws regarding intellectual property theft.

The president has hit China with several high tariffs, hoping to force the Communist Party to the table to negotiate reciprocal trade deals between the two nations.

Throughout the negotiations, the U.S. economy, especially the stock market and American farmers, has taken some hit as China responds with its own tariffs. Despite some of the negative consequences, Manchin supports the president’s efforts.

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Manchin told host Margaret Brennan that he knows China doesn’t intend for America to succeed and tough negotiations must take place to protect the American people.

Watch Manchin’s comments:

“I have been very hawkish on China because China’s intent is not for America to succeed or do well. With that being said, the way they have been able to have their economic might and also their military might has been through espionage. So we have to be very careful of that and we have to be very much aware of that. I think there is a time for a correction and this is it. Now, with that being said, I would say we should be strengthening our ties with all of our allies and bringing on more allies we can do good trade with, honest, fair trade, competitive trade, but not unfair trade such as has been gone on with China for far too long.”

Although most Democrats are hesitant to support President Trump on anything, Manchin has been happy to support the president when he agrees with him. As IJR reported at the time, Manchin’s support for Trump’s pro-life talking points at the state of the union address caught many icy stares from Democrats like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

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Hard to believe there are a few Democrats who can actually see what China’s intentions are. The more we buy from China, the bigger their Red Army becomes. Soon, we will be importing the Chinese Red Army to the United States.

Lee Kent

Stacey Abrams Is an Idiot Who Does Not Value Reality


It almost begs the question as to why he is still a Democrat.

General Confusion

“I didn’t know there were any democrats left, the dem party is dead.” Mindy

Mindy is confused about Manchin being a Democrat. He might be called one, in name only.


Manchin is right. China, or more accurately the Chinese Communist Party, wants to be #1 in the world economy, replacing America, but it’s own was declining BEFORE the Trump tariffs. It has NEVER been our friend. The CCP did not “respond” with tariffs, instead raising existing tariffs and adding new ones. Even after stealing/extorting technology from Western businesses it still cannot compete except on pricing. Reliability and innovation not so much. q.v. the problems its having with servers and 5G deployment. It also has declining consumer spending, massive consumer debt, and a real-estate bubble that will make our 2008 fiasco… Read more »

Paul Delfornia

China Does Not Intend for ‘America to Succeed’ ,,, neither does the DemonRats !!! Vote them ALL out !!


I know it’s speculation to the extreme but one thingc5hat is if you look at where all of Trump’s foreign and economic policies overlap is they all have the end goal or result of isating China. In directly rngaging N. Korea he’s taking away the Chicoms most reliable wild card, as China has used their tacit control of the Nokes as a means to gain aquirscence for much of their aggression and expansionism in the region. In backing out of the Iran nuclear dea and imposition of starvation sanctions he’s making cheap oil less availble to the Chicoms, and with… Read more »


So far, I agree with Manchin and all of y’all.
Kick some Chineses ass!





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